Fix: Days Gone No Audio | Sound Stopped Working

2019’s Days Gone is one of the popular action-adventure survival video games that has good reviews on Steam for Windows platforms. After being launched for PS4 almost two years, the title has been launched for PC. However, it seems that some of the players are getting affected by a lot of issues, and Days Gone No Audio | Sound Stopped Working is one of them.

Needless to say that almost every PC game has a bunch of errors or bugs that can be fixed by releasing patch updates. But unfortunately, more & more new bugs or errors start appearing in the game with each update gradually. It’s one kind of a frustrating thing but we can’t help it. The particular sound bug in Days Gone continues to prevent players to hear any ambient sound.

Days Gone

Fix: Days Gone No Audio | Sound Stopped Working

The bug looks like affecting the motorbike sound a lot. That means driving a motorbike sound isn’t so clear or loud enough as it should be. This is obviously irritating and affecting the gameplay experience badly. Meanwhile, Bend Studio has not mentioned any timeframe. So, it’s not clear yet whether the patch fix arrives or not.

Recently the Days Gone game has received a 1.05 update and most probably this has caused the bug, unfortunately. Bend Studio has mentioned or Twitter that “We are investigating the dropped audio issue and hope to have a resolution in the near future.” Therefore, we can expect that the upcoming 1.06 patch update may gonna fix this issue completely.

However, there is a possible workaround to temporarily fix this bug until the official patch update arrives.

  • It seems that the particular issue is appearing to those players who have a custom exhaust installed on their motorbike. So, if you’re also experiencing the sound bug in Days Gone, this could be one of the major reasons for sure.
  • Therefore, instead of using a custom exhaust on your motorbike, try swapping it back to the default exhaust, and just restart the game to get it fixed. Most of the affected players have resolved the sound bug temporarily like this way. As we all know that this isn’t an official fix by any means, you can at least temporarily play the game without that sound bug.
  • Another option is that the motorcycle which players receive isn’t being able to hear any noise except for conversations with someone else. In this scenario, there is simply no solution as of now.
  • Although a simple reboot of the game may not gonna that effective, we’ll recommend our readers to do so once. Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting the headphones may come in handy.

That’s it, guys. We hope this guide was helpful to you. Feel free to ask in the comment below.

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