How to Deactivate Google Assistant from your Smartphone

Google Assistant is a virtual application that helps out the user with day-to-day activities on a smartphone. Though it’s helpful, often it gets annoying as well. A majority of users must have noticed that when they are trying to use some other app or simply unlock their device, Google Assistant turns on. Then the user has to close it manually.

Again a number of users are there who do not really require the Google Assistant. There can also be instances where due to some bug the virtual assistant keeps popping up whenever it’s presence is not even required. Personally, I have used many Android devices. However, barely I have made use of Google Assistant. The only time I have found it useful when the Assistant reminds me of my flight timings.

Another thing is even if by mistake the assistant gets summoned, it will immediate;y capture the voice nearby. Then it will show results regarding it. This is a waste of time until you close the app. So, if you wish to avoid these situations, then you can Deactivate Google Assistant from your Android smartphone.  In this guide, we will tell you various ways to do so.

Deactivate Google Assistant from Smartphone

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How to Deactivate Google Assistant from your Smartphone

There are permanent and temporary solutions for this. Let’s begin with the temporary one.


Partly Disabling the Assistant Support

This method will not completely kill off the Google Assistant. It will only disable any kind of input such as text, an image that triggers the virtual assistant. Let’s see, how we can accomplish this. Keep in mind that when you deactivate Google Assistant, the basic Google Voice Recognition feature is still active.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications
  • In the next screen, you should see an option Default Apps
  • Forward to the next screen, you should see the option Assist & Voice Input. Open it.
  • Now, tap on Assist App
  • You will see two options that ask you to select None (ie no Assist App) or Google.
  • Select None.
    Deactivate Google Assistant

Now going back you should see everything related to Google Assistant has been deactivated.

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Complete Deactivation of Google Assistant

All we need to do is simply flip a switch and deactivate the Assistant as a whole from the Google Settings.

  • Open Google App > tap on the 3-dot button > select Google Assistant
  • Now, tap on the tab Assistant
  • Under Assistant Devices, tap on Phone
  • Next, you will see a toggle for Google Assistant. Simply flip it to deactivate.
    Deactivate Google Assistant completely

There is another way where we can simply uninstall the current build of the Assistant App. This will take it back to the factory build. So, it won’t bother the user. It’s quite simple to do.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications
  • Tap on Google App
  • There you can see the three-dot button. Tap on it > now hit Uninstall Updates
    Deactivate Google Assistant by Uninstalling Updates

That’s all about how to deactivate Google Assistant completely or partly from any Android smartphone. We hope that this guide was useful to you.

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