Debris of Panjvahe Sacred Seal Locations in Genshin Impact

Key goods that can be found in the Sumeru Desert are Sacred Seals. The Sacred Seals can be found in various places besides only one in the Passage of Ghouls; they are not just confined there. The Debris of Panjvahe is one such area. Another set of Sacred Seals that you can acquire and use can be found here.

However, some users are not knowing the location of the Debris of the Panjvahe Sacred Seal in Genshin Impact. If you are also one of them and searching for it, then don’t worry. This guide will help you with it. In this guide, we will discuss about the location of all the Debris of the Panjvahe Sacred Seal in Genshin Impact. So, make sure you read the full guide to get to know about it. Now, without any further ado, let’s start the guide.

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Where You Can Find All The Debris of the Panjvahe Sacred Seal in Genshin Impact?

You will have to find the obelisk and activate it to mark every Sacred Seal in the region if you want to locate the Sacred Seals quickly. To accomplish it, you will have to visit the Debris of Panjvahe Teleport Waypoint. Once you reach there, you will have to find the obelisk that looks like this. When you get close to it, you should be able to choose “Mark Sacred Seals.” Soon after, the map will start to display. You can locate each of the Sacred Seals on the map.

As you can see, there are six of them scattered over the region, so finding one should be simple. You can locate the first Sacred Seal at the top of the temple’s entryway.

Behind some stones, which you can easily remove by hitting them, is where the second Sacred Seal is located. Take care because monsters are waiting behind the boulders to attack you once the boulders are gone.

A little higher up in the area is where you will find the next Sacred Seal. You can discover it is lying on some rocks.

You can find the next Scared Seal at the bottom of the chasm. An opponent is guarding it, but you can easily take it if you move quickly enough.

After that, you will be able to find the next Scared Seal near the Teleport Waypoint you used to go to the Debris of Panjvahe. Once you spawn in, you can locate the Sacred Seal close to the Teleport Waypoint.

Now, you will find the next and the last Scared Seal in the nearby demolished structure in that area. You will get it near the hole in the building.


This was all for the guide on the location of the Debris of the Panjvahe Sacred Seal in Genshin Impact. We hope that with this guide’s help, you got all the Sacred Seal. If you have any queries or questions, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve them. Also, for more such helpful guides on Genshin Impact and other games, do check out our website.

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