How To Delete A Sticker From PicsArt

Normally, people use stickers on their digital images to convey some meaning or emotion. Stickers are like an advanced version of emojis. Almost in all image editors these days, you can find various dedicated stickers pack. Users often put digital stickers to modify an image with funny messages. Even notable image editing portal PicsArt also provides stickers. Now, users often question that is it possible to delete the sticker from an image after processing.?

After processing means, post-editing, and saving to the device. So, once you finalize an image and use one or more stickers on it, can you revert.? In this guide, I will explain whether it is possible to remove a sticker from PicsArt.

delete a sticker on an image on PicsArt

Delete A Sticker From PicsArt

Technically talking, it is not possible to delete a sticker from an image after you edit and process the image. However, there are a few things that you can do to get back your original image without stickers.

Keep A Copy of Original Image

This is a rule of thumb that any newbie or pro photographer follows. While editing any image for professional or personal reasons, you should keep a copy of the original image. If you have applied any sticker on the image, then you can delete the processed image. However, you will still have the original image and you can use it for other purposes.

Delete Account on PicsArt

Now, you may ask, just for one or a few pictures is it desirable to delete the PicsArt account.? Well, that’s entirely up to you. If you find the application not worth your use, then you can discard your subscription and account. When you remove your account all your edits, image collections will also remove automatically.

Try using Other Image Editors

When on PicsArt you cannot delete the sticker on an image, then you can transport the same image to some other editor. There you can try to remove the stickers on the photo. Ideally, it won’t be possible to remove the stickers a hundred percent. It depends on whether you have used the sticker on the object of the image or somewhere else.

If you use Photoshop, you can try to use the Lasso tool to mask the sticker. Then replicate the region of the sticker with the background image. Now, it depends as I said, where you have put the sticker. It may be difficult to replicate, hide, or delete the sticker if you have put it somewhere on the primary object of the image. That’s why it is important to save a backup of the original image.

So, there is no proper way to delete stickers on an image edited using PicsArt. However, you can keep a backup of the original image or try to remove the sticker through other pro-level image editors. You may not be able to delete the sticker completely from the image though. I hope this guide was informative.

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