How to Delete a System Partition on Windows 10

The System Partition, also known as EFI or ESP, is a very essential partition for OS to run properly. If you delete System partition in Windows 10, you won’t be able to boot into Windows. The partition is a link between your Windows OS and the BIOS of your device.

You are thinking of cleaning up your Hard Drive, but you already have Windows 10 installed on it. You can use the Disk Partition tool to clean up and delete almost all the partition except the System partition.

However, if you are thinking of installing a new Linux distro or if you just want the hard disk for storage. You can get rid of the EFI System Partition. However, you must be very careful about deleting the EFI partition. So, unless you have a good reason to do it, read further.

How to Delete a System Partition on Windows 10

You can use a third-party application or the command prompt and the Powershell to delete the EFI partition. All methods are discussed below.

Method 1: Using CMD/PowerShell to Delete the EFI System Partition

PowerShell and command prompt is the two native terminals of Windows. We can use both to utilize the DISKPART tool and wipe out the EFI partition. Executing the commands in Windows PowerShell or in command prompt it doesn’t matter, but make sure the commands are correct according to your device.

Step 1) Firstly, you will have to open either command prompt or Powershell. Therefore, go to the windows search bar and type cmd for command prompt and PowerShell for Windows Powershell.

Right-click on the application from the search result and open it Run as Administrator.

Step 2) Now you will have to type the command DISKPART in the command prompt or PowerShell and hit the Enter button on your keyboard, this will execute the Diskpart tool.

How to Delete a System Partition on Windows 10

Step 3) Type the list disk command and press Enter to see the available Disks on your computer. Now, you will have to select the primary disk, because the EFI partition will be in the main drive. Therefore, type the command sell disk 0 and execute.

Now to see the existing partitions on the disk type, the command list partition hit enter. This will show you all the partitions, including the EFI System Partition.

Step 4) Select the EFI System partition by executing the select partition one command. You have now selected the system partition.

However, you still don’t have the permission to remove or delete it. Therefore, you will have to set an ID to detect the partition, type the command below and press Enter.

SET ID=ebd0a0a2-b9e5-4433-87c0-68b6b72699c7

How to Delete a System Partition on Windows 10

Step 5) To delete the EFI System Partition, type the command delete partition override, and execute the command, this will remove the EFI partition from the Disk. Make sure that you have selected the right partition beforehand and set the ID.

How to Delete a System Partition on Windows 10

After executing all of these commands above, the EFI partition will be removed, and you can’t boot back into your Windows OS. To recover it, and you will have to reinstall Windows.

Method 2: Using a Third-Party Application

There a lot of applications that can be used to delete EFI System Partition, and one of the best applications is the EaseUS Partition Master. The application is very simple to use, and you can delete your EFI Partition with an Ease.

You can get any third-party app, such as Ease US or Mini Tool partition wizard, to delete the EFI System Partition.

Step 1) Launch the EaseUS Partition Master application, select the Disk first, then select the partition, right-click and select Delete from the menu.

Step 2) Select the OK button to confirm and to execute the operation, click on the Apply button, and the EFI System partition will be removed.


The EFI System partition is a very important portion for the Windows OS, and it contains all the important data that links your OS to your BIOS. Thus you can boot into Windows. However, if you delete system EFI partition in windows, you can’t boot back into Windows, so you must really have a good reason to do so.

You have got two possible ways to delete the EFI partition. You can use a few commands in PowerShell or command prompt with administrative privileges to delete the EFI partition. However, you can also use other third-party applications, and this will make the task much easier.

It is not safe to delete the EFI System Partition if you don’t know what you are doing, it is safe to stay away from it. Otherwise, you can delete the EFI partition, and your files and OS will be lost. If you are using the command line method, make sure you know what each command does before executing them.

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