Did Huawei P Smart Z support waterproof or splash proof rating?

Huawei has also joined the popup camera smartphone war with its new Huawei P Smart Z. The new device by Huawei comes with amazing features and impressive battery backup. Since Huawei P Smart Z comes under the mid-range segment, it’s shocking to see a popup camera in such a smartphone. However the popup camera brings some serious durability issues in a smartphone, so today we will do Huawei P Smart Z waterproof test to find out whether the new P Smart Z is waterproof or not.

Huawei P Smart comes with a good processor and a beautiful display. The phone is carefully designed to meet the Indian youth standards and comes with a good design which you can flaunt easily. Its an impressive smartphone in the mid-range segment which comes with a popup selfie camera. Which gives it a true full view experience. However, customers are demanding to know whether this new device is waterproof or not. So we have to perform a Huawei P Smart Z waterproof test to find out the truth.

Did Huawei P Smart Z support waterproof or splash proof rating?

Did Huawei P Smart Z support waterproof or splash proof rating?

Modern smartphone customers now require a waterproof smartphone to take underwater selfies and what not. Not to mention that a waterproof smartphone doesn’t get any damage from the accidental coffee spill, or you can even take it with you for swimming. At price range of Huawei P Smart Z, it’s quite possible that it’s waterproof or splashproof. However, the popup camera is the main disadvantage here.


A waterproof device contains special IP ratings. An IP rating is an international standard which is used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of modern smartphones. These IP ratings are presented in the form of IP followed by two numbers. IP68 rating is the best that a smartphone can hold. However, it is important to note that this IP testing is done against fresh water. So you might end with slightly different results against salt water or other liquids such as soft drinks.

You will not be shocked when I say that Huawei P Smart Z is not waterproof or splashproof. Weel, no official IP67/68 ratings were found on the official website, so it’s safe to assume that this device is not waterproof. However, we will still conduct our Huawei P Smart Z waterproof test to confirm for sure.

Huawei P Smart Z  Waterproof Test

Despite all the killer features, it’s sad to see that Huawei P Smart Z doesn’t come with a waterproof body. However, it might be splashproof and dustproof. So we are going to perform a quick Huawei P Smart Z waterproof test to find out the truth. But before that, have a quick look at device specifications:

Device Name Huawei P Smart Z
Screen  6.59 inches (16.74 cm)
Processor Octa-core (2.2 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A73 + 1.7 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A53)
RAM/ROM 4 GB | 64 GB
Battery 4000 mAh
Primary Camera 16 MP + 2 MP Dual Primary Cameras
IP67/68 waterproof ratings none


This test is purely based on individual/team observation. This test will only give an idea of whether a device is waterproof or not. We recommend users not to try this test at home, as it might damage your device.

Device part Waterproof Test Splashproof Test Dustproof Test
Camera Camera fail no issues dust in camera sliding
Screen flickers works works
Speaker works works no dust in speaker
Result NO YES NO

Upon conducting the splashproof and dustproof test, we came to the conclusion that the device is certainly not waterproof. However, it can sustain a few coffee spills without a problem. However, we recommend users not to use this device in rain, shower or anywhere near pools or lakes. Also, keep special care of your device since its not officially waterproof.

What to do if your device is not waterproof?

Since your device is not waterproof, we advise you to take proper care of your device. You can follow these steps to do so:

  • Not to take underwater photos with the device
  • Don’t make or receive calls in rain or while taking a shower
  • Not to take underwater selfies etc.
  • Do not drink coffee, soft drink or alcohol when you’re using your device.

In case your device gets water damage, keep the device in a box full of rice for 1 hour and check with the nearest service center.

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