Fix: Discovery Plus Keeps Buffering Always

Discovery Plus as an OTT platform is definitely worth the price paid. With so much content to choose from, you will always come up with something great each time. No doubt, coming from one of the entertainment giants, you will receive reliable and consistent service. However, the impression has quite been downed as some temporary problems seem to interrupt the user experience. As reported by the users lately, they seem to encounter a buffering issue every time they try to stream on Discovery Plus.

This is indeed one of the most irritating experiences you can have. Moreover, if it is a persistent one, then it might be a serious issue for the users as well. Well, even though you all the support from the end of Discovery Plus, this issue is something you might be able to solve just by yourself. As a result, we have brought you some potential fixes that are worth checking out.

Fix Discovery Plus Keeps Buffering Always

Fix: Discovery Plus Keeps Buffering Always

The buffering or freezing issue with Discovery Plus might occur due to various reasons. While sometimes it might be a temporary problem other times it can be quite persistent. Well, however, the problem might be, assuming that it is a software problem, here are some proven fixes that might resolve the issue.

1. Check internet connection

Of course, the first thing we would like you to do is to check whether you have a reliable internet connection or not. If you are on cellular data, try turning on the airplane mode and again turn it off. If it is a connection problem, this should instantly fix it. On the other hand, you might also consider connecting to reliable wifi and check if that works out or not.

2. Re-launch the application

If it is not a connection problem, then it might also be a glitch with the software. In that case, exit Discovery Plus and close all the background applications that might be slowing down your processing power. Finally, re-launch the application and check if it still exists.

3. Restart your device

In case, none of the previous fixes seems to work out, you can go with rebooting your device. A fresh start always seems to clean out all sorts of glitches within the system. If you are lucky enough, one of them should have already worked for you. However, if the same problem still carries on occurring, it is time to try something other than the general tricks.

4. Disable ad-blocker and VPN

Running an ad-blocker or VPN service parallelly with Discovery Plus might interrupt the working of the application. Hence, if you are using one, consider disabling the ad-blocker or turning off the VPN service running behind. Now, relaunch Discovery Plus and try streaming again. This has worked in most of the cases and hopefully should work for you as well.

5. Reinstall Discovery Plus

Lastly, if all the above-mentioned tricks fail to resolve the issue, then all you are left with is re-installing the application. Additionally, you can also check for upgrades (if available) or consider installing a downgraded version of the application as well. If it is a problem with the current version of the application, perhaps upgrading or downgrading shall solve the issue for sure.

6. Restart your Smart TV

This is specifically for those who are using Discovery Plus on their televisions. If you are having the same trouble even on your smart TV, then here’s what you can try out.

  • Turn off your device.
  • In case you are using an HDMI cable, unplug it from the TV and your device as well.
  • Now, switch off the TV and turn it back ON after around 30 seconds. Also, switch on your device too.
  • Again, plug the HDMI back into your TV and device.
  • Establish the connection and launch Discovery Plus again and check if that solves the issue.


So, that’s all about fixing Discovery Plus buffering issue on your device. Since users seem to encounter the same trouble from the current version of the application, upgrading or downgrading it seems like the idle solution for now. However, if you are having some serious issues and none of them really does the trick for you, make sure to contact the Discovery Plus support team and seek expert advice.

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  1. Considering my other 7 streaming services never buffer (including when watching on many devices) I am concluding it’s the app itself. I have tested my speeds, restarted router etc. Nothing helps. It’s ONLY discovery plus we have issues with. I think the app just sucks. Wish they would fix it as I love their content.

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