Does BeReal Notify If Someone Capture a Screenshot of their Photo?

BeReal is a revolution in how we perceive social media nowadays. With unique features and no filter support, the app is astonishing in itself. However, some of the features in the apps seem quite familiar, such as the ability to check who has taken a screenshot of your posts. This feature is in debate, as many users were not aware of the fact that BeReal notify if someone capture a screenshot of their photo.

Again, BeReal has a unique approach to how it takes pictures, as you only get one photo per day, without any modifications or filters. This can be quite fun sometimes as you never know when you have to take the photo. But what if you have a secret stalker, who takes a note of your whereabouts all the time?

Does BeReal Notify If Someone Capture a Screenshot of their Photo

Does BeReal Notify If Someone Capture a Screenshot of their Photo?

The quick answer is yes, BeReal do keep a record of people who take a screenshot of your photos. This is to make sure you know who is taking your photos, and if your photos are being misused, you will be able to pinpoint the culprit. Again, this feature is not foolproof as there are many ways to bypass this as well.

We recently made a details guide on How to Take Screenshots on BeReal Secretly Without Notifying Someone? which shows us a few methods to bypass the screenshot mechanism.

If you wish to check about the people who take screenshots of your posts, then you can check it from the camera button near your posts. This will show you the list of friends who have taken your photos.

Given the fact that you upload your photos daily on the app, it is important to check the privacy settings to the app. And make sure that only your friends are allowed to see your photos. And again, refrain yourself from taking screenshots of other people’s posts.

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