How to Check The Domain Expiry Date?

If you own a Domain, you must know that Domains are not for a lifetime. They have an expiry date and every domain provider has subscription plans. So what will happen if the expiry date passes away, your site won’t be available on the Internet?

If you are already managing a website, then we don’t really need to explain what a domain is. However, for the sake of General knowledge, a domain is a stint, by which we can identify the administrator’s autonomy within the Internet.

For more clarity, if there is a website in the .com domain, if we mention the .org domain with the same site. The server won’t reach to the original site, or it will open up another site with the same name but different domain.

It is important that you pay the patent in time to keep your websites running smoothly. If you forgot the expiry date you can always check. Or if you need to buy any domain, then you need to know that Domain Expiry date, so you can purchase it later.

How to Check The Domain Expiry Date

How to Check the Domain Expiry Date?

There are quite a few methods to check your Domain’s expiry date. You can either go to the web hosting site or the domain provider from where you have brought the domain. However, there are a few online services that enable you to search a domain name and it will show you all the details like Expiry date, registry domain, and more.

There are a few sites that are very helpful to find out the expiry date of any domain name. It doesn’t matter if the domain is yours or someone else, you will get the minimum details of the domain including the expiry date. The WHOIS tool and the Domain Expiration Checker are two of the best sites to check the expiration date of your Domain.

Domain Registrar Dashboard

This is the first and the easiest method which you can use to check the domain’s expiry. But this step for those people who want to check expiray date of they own domains. If you wanted to check different domains expiry dates, then skip this step.

So, for checking the expiry date of your own domain. You just have to head over to your domain registrar website. There are several domain registrars available over the Internet. I personally use Godaddy from where I have bought all of my domains. You have to check for yours and proceed.

When you reach your domain registrar website, just log in to your account from there. If you are using GoDaddy, then you will see a tab at the top called My Products. Just click on it, and then you will see the domains that you own on a new page. After this, Just choose the domain which you want to check. Click on manage, and you will able to see the expiry date of the domain.

The process of checking a domain and the layout may be different according to your domain registrar. These steps are for GoDaddy. But the functions are all the same.

Domain Expiration Checker

Step 1) Open your preferred browser and visit the Expiration checker (link down below), and click on the Check domain option, or you can just click on the header above to visit the Domain Checker directly.

Step 2) Type the domain name in the box and click on the Check button, the service will check for the public domain data and show you everything including the expiry date.

Domain Expiration Checker

Using this site you won’t get too many details of the domain, but you get the Expiry date easily.

WHOIS Lookup Tool

WHOIS is a fantastic Domain checker tool, it gives you almost all the details of the domain that is allowed for the public to see. The site is free there is no hassle of login or anything.

WHOIS Lookup Tool

Step 1) Just visit the WHOIS site by click on the heading, and type the domain name in the  search box

Step 2) Click on the Whois Lookup button, and the website will present you with the full possible details of the domain name which also includes the expiry date. Database

This is similar to the above one, or you can say one of its subsidiaries. But there is a little bit of difference in terms of the features that both of these websites provide, on the when you will put the domain name. You will just get some of the information regarding the domain, and some of the domain extensions don’t even work there.

While using the, you can see the creation date of the domain and the date on which it will be going to expire. If it is not your domain and you want to make a deal for it, then also gives the link to get the contact information of the owner of the domain. You can also get information regarding the DNS of the domain which is searching for.


So, these are the different methods or websites by which you can see the expiration date of any domain. And make sure to renew your domain purchases to avoid losing them or paying hefty late renewal charges.

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