Download Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk 3.8.0 (Without watermark)

We have added the latest download links for Alight Motion Pro mod APK version 3.8.0 for Android smartphones. The mod contains premium unlocked features, including removal of watermark and no restrictions over effects and in-app features. The app file comes with a single install package, and users can install it easily via the package manager.

One of the most challenging works is to edit video like professionals in the current situation as the whole world is in digital space. There are a lot of good software available for PC to edit. But for smartphones, many fake and buggy apps are available to find the right and helpful app to provide premium features for your video. The solution to all your problem to give a pro output is the Alight Motion pro app Mod apk version.

Alight Motion Pro mod APK is the first professional motion designing application that provides professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effect, video compositing, and editing in smartphones. Moreover, It is a simple and best application for animators, videographers, and graphic designers. With the app’s help, you can do the edit on the go or wherever you want. Also, it supports multi-layer of graphics and motion designing with a complete library of vectors for freehand illustrations.

Download Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk

Download Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk 3.8.0 (Without watermark)

Alight Motion pro is that creat animation, graphics and visual effect on your smartphone. Although it is free to use the app with essential features and premium features without a watermark, it has some paid subscription plans. Also, this app requires a minimum of 1.5 GB of ram to run smoothly on your device.

Features fo Alight Motion Pro

Keyframe Animation: It is one of the essential features. You can edit your video with animation frame by frame. Moreover, you can add custom elements for one-by-one frames. Also, many inbuilt elements are available in the app that you can add in animation video frames. This app will give complete control over the animation video.

Visual Effects: Visual effects give a different and fantastic look in any video. Alight motion app has an inbuilt feature of visual effects with more than 1000+ effects such as Hot color, exposer, color tune, highlights and shadow, and clouds, etc. You can add these effects to your animation.

Blending Modes: This mode helps add multiple layers, and you can also adjust the shape and size of the layer in a single app. There are a lot of preset blending modes available for use.

Vector Graphics: It is used in animation for a video. Vector graphics are the minimal image sketches in 2D and 3D format that you can add to your video animation. With the app’s help, you can animate the vector images on the video and add custom vector images.

Fonts: You will get more than 2000 fonts in the Alight motion pro app that can use the in-text layer of the videos. The main feature of font is you can add this to the graphic video and animate the fonts to make the video more attractive. Also, the app will allow the addition of custom fonts.


Export Formats: You can export the video in multiple formats in the Alight Motion pro App. Furthermore, you can export images from the video from the Alight Motion app. Also, many formats are available for export like MP4, GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG, etc. the app also allows sharing the export file on all major social media platforms.

Download Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk 3.8.0

Here are the download links for the latest version of the Alight Motion Pro app for your smartphone. In order to install this app, you have to follow the onscreen instructions on your device.

Name Alight Motion Pro
Version V 3.8.0
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.
App size 89.20 MB
Download Alight Motion Pro mod APK v 3.8.0

Mod Apk Changelogs

  • No watermark on any video processed by Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk.
  • Multi-layer supported. Also, you can group layers and give your video pro look with unique animations and graphics.
  • All paid Services unlock.
  • Facebook login available to save your settings and share content.
  • Support of multi-languages.
  •  Keyframe animations are available and accessible for all the settings.
  • Color correction available to provide for proper look, shading, and style.
  •  A lot of visual effects and options for gradient filling with solid colors.
  • Edit and create vector graphics for particular animation styles.
  • Easily export MP4 and add GIFs to your project.
  • With preset Animation easing options, every particular action is done by fluid motion.
  • You can also save the layer setting for use again in future projects.
  • 2000+ inbuilt fonts are available to use in various projects. Also, you can add a custom font to personalize the look of the videos.


We recommend you install and use the fantastic features of the alight Motion Pro Mod Apk for the best results of your video animation. The installation process is easy, but you might need to watch some youtube tutorials in order to use the app effectively for your creative needs. However, if you have any questions regarding the app, then comment down below.


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