Download AMD Cleanup Utility for Windows 10 / 11 (2024)

AMD Cleanup Utility is a Windows software to removes previously installed AMD graphics drivers and audio drivers completely. It will uninstall all AMD graphics components and files from your Windows computer. A regular uninstallation may leave out several files on the device, and therefore, AMD Cleanup Utility is recommended for clean uninstallation before you install the drivers again.

Proper installation and uninstallation are essential for maintaining optimal performance and stability of your computer. If you need to uninstall graphics drivers, it’s critical to ensure a clean uninstallation process. Otherwise, you may encounter errors on your computer. Luckily, AMD has developed a powerful tool for this exact purpose – the AMD Cleanup Utility. This tool ensures that no remnants of old graphics drivers are left on the system. As a result, potential conflicts and instability that can occur during the next driver installation are avoided.

Download AMD Cleanup Utility for Windows 10 / 11 2023

In addition to reducing potential conflicts and instability, the AMD Cleanup Utility tool provides a clean environment for a fresh installation of graphics drivers for optimal functioning performance. Last but not least, the tool is also used to fix graphics-related problems on a computer.

Download and Install AMD Cleanup Utility for Windows 10 / 11

In this section, we will guide you through downloading and installing the AMD Cleanup Utility tool on a Windows computer.

Step 1: Preparing the Cleanup Process

Before diving straight into the cleanup process, you must back up the necessary files to the cloud or another device to avoid data loss. AMD Cleanup Utility does not remove your files (photos, videos, documents, etc.), but backing up the data ensures peace of mind, even in the case of errors or failures.

You should also create a restore point. So, in case your computer has run into an error, you’ll be able to restore your computer to the current state using the restore point.

To create a restore point, type “Create a restore point” in the Windows search box at the bottom and press Enter. Now, tap “Create”, name your restore point, and click “Create”.

Now, it’s time to download the latest drivers from the official AMD website. We’ll install them after the cleaning process.

Step 2: Downloading AMD Cleanup Utility

AMD Cleanup Utility works with computers running Windows 7 and later. It’s fully compatible with Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) and Windows 11.

Step 3: Using the AMD Cleanup Utility Tool

It’s recommended to boot your computer into safe mode. It will ensure that no other applications are running during the cleanup process.

If your computer is not booted into safe mode, launch AMD Cleanup Utility. It will ask you to run the Windows in safe mode. Click “Yes”. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the cleanup process and then Restart your computer.

To verify if the drivers have been successfully uninstalled, open “Device Manager” and ensure there are no AMD graphics drivers.

Step 4: Post-Cleanup Process

After the cleanup process, install the latest graphics drivers on your computer. Once finished, restart your computer.

What to Do if AMD Cleanup Utility Fails to Remove Drivers

If the AMD Cleanup Utility fails to remove drivers or encounters any errors during the process, you must ensure your computer is booted into safe mode. Next, run the utility with admin rights. Simply, locate the AMD Cleanup Utility file in the File Manager, right-click on it, and select “Run as administrator”.

Final Thoughts

When reinstalling AMD graphics drivers, you must ensure proper uninstallation of the related drivers. Thanks to AMD Cleanup Utility, you can easily remove all AMD graphics drivers from your PC for a clean installation of the latest drivers. We hope this guide was useful.

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