Download Google Play Services APK – Version 20.36.14 (Android TV/Phone)

Updated on September 30, 2020: Today, we have added the latest Google Play Services APK Version 20.36.14 for Android, and you can find the download links for the same down below.

If you are an Android OS user, you must have seen or heard about Google play services apk. This is a basic yet important application for any type of Android OS. The simple use of this app is to connect all the Google apps and services together with your Google account.

It is a background app that means it does various tasks like synchronization of your data, updating your Google apps and services, etc. As I mentioned before, it is a necessary app for any type of Android OS. Let it be on a smartphone or on an Android TV.

If you don’t have this Google play service Version 20.36.14, all your Google apps will not work at all. You will face several errors, as well as some app crashes. To avoid this kind of issue, it is necessary to keep your Google play services app up to date with the latest version.

Download Google Play Services - Version 20.36.14 (Android TVPhone)

Download Google Play Services Apk – Version 20.36.14 (Android TV/Phone)

Google Play Services is a background app, so most of the time, it updates automatically as soon as the new updates are available. All you need is a good internet connection, but sometimes due to server issues and internet issues, the app fails to update. In such scenarios, you need to update the Google Play Services Version 20.36.14 app manually.

We are going to provide a download link to install the latest Google Play Services app in your Android smartphone as well as Android TV. Before getting into it, let us have a look into the features of the latest Google Play Services app.

New Features & Changelogs

There are no major features of the app, as it is a background app. The work of this app is to keep your Google authentication to your Google services, synchronization of your contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and lower-powered location-based services. However, it has bug fixes and service improvements.

Download Google Play Services Version 20.36.14

Now let’s see how to download the latest update of the Google Play Service app. First, we will provide you the download link for the smartphone and, after that, the download link for Android TV.

Official – Google Play Services for Smartphone & tablets

Official – Google Play Services For Android TV 

Google Play Services Old Version

Google Play Services APK Version 20.34 Download


It is suggested to check if your Google Play Services are already updated using Playstore. Only use the manual option in a needy situation.

Always use a trusted and secure source if you want to Download APK from a third-party website. We hope this article helps you in downloading and installing the latest Google Play Services App.

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