Download And Install Gapps For CM14 / CM14.1 ROMs

If you have installed CyanogenMod 14 or CyanogenMod 14.1, you must flash the CM 14 Gapps to get all Google services’ functionalities. Already Official CyanogenMod 14.1 Nightly ROM’s available to Download. Follow this Step-by-step guide to Install GApps for CM14 or CM 14.1 ROMs.

GApps (Google Apps) is a must on every Android smartphone to run Google Play store services. Most of the AOSP or CyanogenMod ROMs don’t include GApps, So users have to install the GApps pack separately.  Recently Google has released the sweetest Android Nougat Update. If you are still using the older version, then check this guide to update your device.

CyanogenMod 14 ROMs are based on the latest Android Nougat. If you are flashing any custom ROM, then that ROM includes only apps provided by the CyanogenMod team, So you will not have any Google services; you can’t even install any google apps as you don’t have play store to download them and you must have google play services installed to run any Google App (Gmail, Google Plus, Youtube and many other applications). So you have to flash GApps for CM 14 ROMs to enjoy all the Google Apps.


  1. This method is only for CM 14 or CM 14.1 users.
  2. Custom TWRP recovery must have been installed on your device.
  3. is not responsible for any damage to your phone while installing this Update.
  4. Make sure that you have the latest USB drivers installed
  5. Take the complete backup of your phone and then proceed. (It will not erase your data, But still, we recommend).


  1. Download Google GApps For Android 7.0 / 7.1 Nougat ROMs
  2. Copy the zip file in your phone’s SD card.
  3. Switch off and Reboot your device into TWRP recovery (press Volume downPower Button  key together)
  4. Now Click on Install, choose ROM Zip file, and Swipe to Install.
  5. Wait until Installation Process completes and reboots your device.
  6. Done!

Let us know your feedback on this latest update In the comment section below.


      1. Friend, good afternoon!

        I’m installing on an oukitel u13 7.1.2 core 64 octa processor I’m downloading ARM 64 STOCK.
        This is correct, or you should download which variant.

  1. Friend, good afternoon!

    I’m installing on an oukitel u13 7.1.2 core 64 octa processor I’m downloading ARM 64 STOCK.
    This is correct, or you should download which variant.

  2. dear friends,
    I was try to install the custom rom 7.1.1 in my tecno c7, but it displayed error message after check the file…like no md5 file, no contexts file, and important error message is this rom for camon_c7, tecno; not for tecno-c7. your device is tecno-c7.
    how to solve this error. please help me.

  3. on my ARM processor with Xenon ROM I always get error 64 wrong architecture. Going to try dynanamic Gapps or version 7.0 GAPPS

  4. Why do I have to have gapps, when I dont want most of the features it installs? can I delete those I dont want, if not whats the point of having a custom rom, because I thought going custom was to be free from G. ! and have a better setup on my phone without loads of Gs rubbish.
    Customisation is what its about, not having to use those apps that are set as standard by Mftrs, or Google, and yes, I understand the security needed, but there are lots of apps that can provide that, also ad blockers, most “free”apps are loaded with ads, so need to be controlled or removed, and I do understand that developers need to earn a living, they have bills to pay to.

    Ok, so that said, it would be useful to have a step by step description/list of commands that are needed to install TWRP and any Custom Rom, from adb, and fastboot, also, step by step instalation list of what needs to be loaded first by twrp, how, and what to clear with wipe, or do I need to wipe, I have read many blogs, not one gives concise instruction/step by step, on how to, or what happens after using twrp to load custom, (if it manages to load, that is)
    What happens to twrp after loading custom, can I get back to twrp, is the system reboot into twrp, when the phone is switched off? or the custom rom I just loaded, lots of questions, all that many will fail to ask, so risk a bricked phone through lack of information.
    What of Su, do I need to load that first, or after the rom is loaded, what to use if the rom loads ok, but loses the IMEI, and how to get that back, every blog I read trys to make out how easy it is to root, and flash a rom, this is the” User Friendly” but only if you know how to use it in the first place .
    Congratulations on a blog thats not bad, but the pitfalls are many, and the unwary are large in numbers ! noobies beware, lack of info kills phones !

  5. the rum is installed, it goes well but gapps 7.1 gives me error, I have a huawei p9 series EVA-L19 C432, which gapps must be installed

  6. Hello, I’ve installed Nuget a( and it works great but I don’t know what to tick on each row on the gapps page here can you please tell me? thank you in advance

  7. Buen día! Descargue Cyanogemod 14 en Motorola E 2014 1generation ! Cual seria las Gapps correctas ?? Help me

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