Download latest Uhans USB drivers and installation guide

Uhans is a smartphone manufacturer company which was there in the market for 4 years. The Chinese manufacturer is well-known for the high-cost efficient and trendy smartphones they launch in the market. Like all the Chinese manufacturer Uhans also launch value for money devices in the market. They launch some good devices with the latest technology and configuration matching the market trends. Uhans is part of the company Shenzhen Hans Electronic Technology CO., LTD. They have been in the mainstream market for about 8 years. It took 4 years for the company to start manufacturing their own smartphones. The latest Uhans USB drivers and the steps to install them on PC is listed below.

Download latest Uhans USB drivers and installation guide

If you are a user who connects your Uhans device to the PC for a variety of reasons you should make sure that you have the latest Uhans USB driver installed on your PC which is compatible with your device. This is essential to ensure the connection between the device is secure and strong. Without this, you might face failure in connection occasionally. This can create undesired effects on your device which is not good for the device. Find below Uhans USB drivers compatible for various Uhans devices. Download the driver file and follow the installation guide following.

Model Name USB Drivers
Uhans K5000 USB driver Download
Uhans MX USB driver Download
Uhans Max 2 USB driver Download
Uhans i8 USB driver Download
Uhans i8 Pro USB driver Download
Uhans U300 USB driver Download
Uhans Note 4 USB driver Download
Uhans A6 USB driver Download
Uhans A6 Pro USB driver Download
Uhans K01 USB driver Download
Uhans K5000 USB driver Download
Uhans U200 USB driver Download
Uhans A101 USB driver Download
Uhans A101S USB driver Download
Uhans S1 USB driver Download
Uhans S2 USB driver Download
Uhans S3 USB driver Download
Uhans H5000 USB driver Download
Uhans U100 USB driver Download
Uhans Max 2 USB driver Download

Other Important Drivers:

Steps to install Uhans USB drivers on PC

You can use two different methods to install the Uhans USB drivers on PC. Both the methods are listed below.

Method 1:

  1. Download the zip file from link given above and unzip it to a location on your PC
  2. Open the .exe file to run it
  3. Follow the instructions in the installation guide
  4. Click Finish when the installation progress is completed

Method 2:

  1. Download and save the file to some location
  2. Connect your Uhans device to PC
  3. Right click on ‘this pc’ or ‘my computer’ and select Manage
  4. Goto Devices
  5. Click on Portable devices
  6. Right-click on the Uhans device
  7. Click on Update driver
  8. Select the saved Uhans USB driver file
  9. Follow the instructions to finish installation
  10. Click on finish button when the process is completed

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