Download latest Vkworld USB drivers and installation guide

The importance of Chinese manufacturers in the smartphone market was remarkable from the start. But for some reasons, Chinese manufacturers were put back when it comes to competition in the market. The last year was an exception to this trend. We have seen some Chinese smartphone manufacturers coming to the frontline of competition. Some of them even topped the sales pushing back the old giants in the market. Vk world is yet another smartphone manufacturer from China. Vk world has a number of smartphones and feature phones in the market today. Their device runs on Android and other operating systems too. In this guide, you will learn to install Vkworld USB drivers on your PC.

The smartphones from Vkworld are available on a lower budget. But repairing these devices when some damage happens will surely cost you more. So it is important that you take care when you are using these smartphones. The biggest problem occurs when you get the device bricked. This happens when you do things like flashing a firmware or, installing a custom ROM without following the steps properly. The first step you need to take care before doing any of these on your Vkworld smartphone is installing the compatible Vkworld USB driver on your PC. This is very important to make sure the connection is strong and secure. So if you have any idea of doing any of these steps make sure you have the latest compatible Vkworld USB drivers installed on your PC.

Download latest Vkworld USB drivers and installation guide

List of Vkworld USB Drivers Supported Devices

Model Name USB Drivers
Vkworld VK800X USB Driver Download
Vkworld VK700 Pro USB Driver Download
Vkworld VK700 USB Driver Download
Vkworld VK7000 USB Driver Download
Vkworld VK6735X USB Driver Download
Vkworld T5 SE USB Driver Download
Vkworld T6 USB Driver Download
Vkworld T5 USB Driver Download
Vkworld T3 USB Driver Download
Vkworld T2 USB Driver Download
Vkworld T1 Plus USB Driver Download
Vkworld T1 USB Driver Download
Vkworld K1 USB Driver Download
Vkworld S2 USB Driver Download
Vkworld S1 USB Driver Download
Vkworld Giant G1 USB Driver Download
Vkworld F1 USB Driver Download
Vkworld S8 USB Driver Download
Vkworld Mix USB Driver Download
Vkworld Mix3 USB Driver Download
Vkworld T2 Plus USB Driver Download
Vkworld Mix Plus USB Driver Download
Vkworld F2 USB Driver Download
Vkworld S3 USB Driver Download

Other Important Drivers:

Steps to install Vkworld USB drivers on PC

You can choose from two possible methods for installing or updating Vkworld USB drivers on your PC. Either you can manually run the file with a ‘.exe’ an extension which will take you through an installation wizard to install the drivers. The other method is updating the device driver from the device manager. Both the methods are listed below, please refer further to find out.

Method 1:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Run the file with a ‘.exe’ extension by double-clicking on it
  3. Follow the instructions on the installation wizard that will appear
  4. Click finish button when installation is completed

Method 2:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Right-click on my computer and select manage
  3. Click on devices, and find portable devices and click on it
  4. Right-click on the device icon and select update drivers
  5. Select the unzipped file and follow the installation wizard step
  6. Click finish when process is completed


  1. Hello I download USB for VKWorld K1 But in this zip file…NO installation , NO exe, impossible to install on the PC. Why?
    THank you for Help

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