Download PUBG MIUI 10 Theme for Xiaomi devices

While the whole FPS gamers are crazy about the PUBG game whether it may be on mobile or PC. The PUBG craze is getting higher and higher each and every day. Now, the game theme is also available for Xiaomi MIUI running devices. This one becomes the first and the most popular FPS games than Fortnite as well. The graphics visual quality and other features are quite unique and lovable at first sight in terms of the Fortnite game visuals. Some gamers don’t like the Fortnite game cartoon type characters like a proper game at all.

In terms of graphics and features, PUBG becomes more and more popular and highly intensive game than others. Firstly, it was available for PC, then for the mobile and then for PC with emulator support also. If you like the PUBG game and images, you might have searched for the theme as well on MIUI Theme store. Therefore, you can Download PUBG MIUI 10 Theme for Xiaomi devices.

Download PUBG MIUI 10 Theme for Xiaomi devices

PUBG V10 Theme for MIUI 10:

The PUBG V10 Theme is really good for the Xiaomi device users. It comes with PUBG dedicated wallpapers, icons notification panel, lock screen, dialer pad, etc. While the other sections are also customized with PUBG theme, like settings, message, clock, recent UI, etc. There are some PUBG based minimal wallpapers also available. All credit goes to the developer who has created this theme so nicely.

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Download PubG V10 MIUI Theme:

In order to download and install the theme on your Xiaomi device, follow the below-mentioned steps properly.

  • Just open your Themes app on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Search for the PUBG V10 theme.
  • You will bunch of themes in the search results but you need to choose the first one with a yellow lock screen.
  • Now, download the theme simply and apply it.
  • You’re done. Enjoy your newly installed PUBG V10 MIUI Theme on your Xiaomi device.



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