Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon Pack for any Android Device


Did you install the Galaxy S8 launcher APK on your phone? Are you worried that you did not get the same icons as the ones present in a Galaxy S8? Well, don’t be disheartened! When you install the launcher, you only get the launcher and the features that come along with it, not the icons. But there is a way to get those amazing Galaxy S8 icons too! All you need to do is download the Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon Pack and get the complete S8 look on your phone/device.

This process that we will be following here or the Icon Pack that we will be installing is not an official version from Samsung. The file is made by a developer with the help of the various Galaxy S8 leaks. The pack is claimed to contain about 2000 icons and 76 wallpapers.

How are the Galaxy S8 icons different?


The Galaxy S8 icons are said to be cleaner and rounder than the icons present in the UX designs from previous Samsung releases. And since the Galaxy S8 is not yet available for purchase, the Icon Pack will enable users to get a look and feel of the new Galaxy S8 launcher before they purchase it.

How to Download and Install the Galaxy S8 Icon Pack:

  • The first action you will need to accomplish is downloaded the Icon Pack APK file. You can download the file from this link. [button type=”round” color=”” target=”” link=””]Icon Pack[/button]
  • The downloaded APK can be installed on any Android device. Another advantage is that the APK can be applied from any 3rd party launchers. Cool, ain’t it? But if you wish to install the Icon Pack APK on any Samsung device then, you can download another APK file from this link.
  • Once you have downloaded the desired APK file, open any file manager that you already have installed on your phone/device, and navigate to the downloaded APK file. Install it in a way you would install any normal APK file.
  • After installation, follow this path: Settings > Themes. The icon pack that you just installed should show up under My Themes.
  • You just need to simply select it and apply to your phone/device.
  • The Icon pack would install on your device as a trial version (due to restrictions posed by Samsung). But if you can get root, you can convert the trial version of the Icon Pack into a full version. Follow the below steps to do the same.

How to Convert Icon Pack Trial Version to Full Version:

  • Apply the theme by going to Settings > Themes and choosing the Icon Pack that you just installed.
  • Next, you will need to go to /data/overlays/jsonfiles/appiconfiles/trialjson.
  • You will find a file by the name of MOVE (DO NOT COPY) XXX.json. Move the file to the folder named “userjson.
  • Go back to the path /data/overlays and delete the folder named “preferences.
  • Then Reboot you phone/device.
  • You are done! You can see the new icons on your phone/device.

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