Fix: Dyson V11 and V12 Not Charging

In our previous post, we discussed fixing the world’s leading vacuum cleaner. As you know, Dyson V8 has reported an issue in which some users find their Dyson V8 is not charging. Similarly, there are two more products from Dyson getting the same charging issue. This time the charging problem is with the Dyson V11 and V12 models. Unlike the Dyson V8, the V11 and V12 models are more efficient as they have expertise cleaning microscopic dust from hard floors.

However, the Dyson V11 and V12 models have the same charging features as we mentioned for V8. But what made a difference is the battery capacity that takes 4.5 hours to charge fully and shows that blue light. But there are a lot of users presently facing Dyson V11, and V12 is not charging. Another thing is there is no solution or any satisfactory response from developers yet. So here we will guide you few tips that result in resume charging.

Dyson V11

Fix: Dyson V11 and V12 Not Charging

If you look over Dyson V11 and V12 physically, you will see both the models are quite identical. But if you consider the previous Dyson V8 model, you will find that these two upper variant models are more efficient in cleaning. Apart from that, they are more optimized in terms of charging too. Whether you look for recharge time or battery life, you will find Dyson V11 and V12 better.

But they are better that does not mean they are the finest vacuum cleaner in the world. Problems happen even with the best unit, as we have tried to figure out fixes for Dyson V8 not charging. The same scenario can apply to Dyson V11 and V12 both because both of them have the same charging mechanism as the previous models, except for battery capacity and other optimization. But we all know as there is no solution from the developers’ end, that means the issue is from our side.

For that concern, we have started our research to gather a few potential reasons behind Dyson V11 and V12 not charging issues. To be specific, we tried to figure out what common mistakes users make while using Dyson V11 and V12 that resulting not charging issues. Fortunately, we are blessed with a few solutions with which you can fix the most frustrating Dyson V11 and V12 not charging issues.

Ensure to use Proper Charging Cable

The best and most prior reason behind Dyson V11 and V12 not charging is defective cable. As you know charging cable is the only medium with which your vacuum cleaner takes appropriate charge. And In any case, if the charging cable is loose or is somewhat physically defective, then you need to fix it. Because if you charge Dyson V11 and V12 with such faulty cables, either the vacuum cleaner charge slowly or may not charge. For this thing, As a priority, we recommend you use a proper charging cable.

Clean the internal blockage

While doing today’s task, we usually forgot to clean the Internal brushes, and that eventually deposited a lot of dirt over it. And You know Dyson V11 and V12 both are equipped with a sensor that results in the proper care of your vacuum cleaner. The sensor works when In case of any dirt or internal blockage in Dyson V11 and V12, the system stops charging. And such failure happens until you clear the internal blockage. So, As a secondary measure, you should clear such internal dirt to fix the charging issue.

Install a new battery

Another reason for the battery not charging is a fault with the battery itself. More likely if your Dyson V11 and V12 not charging, that means the Vacuum cleaner battery needs to change. Because the battery is not able to take charge anymore, for such a scenario, you should knock service center’s door with your warranty card. Meanwhile, simply visit Dyson Authorized service center and install a new battery to your Dyson V11 and V12.

Raise a help request

The last resort to your concern is raising a help request over Dyson support. As above, we have tried to figure out the most possible fixes to solve the problem. But In case you are reaching up for this fix, then getting personal assistance from developers will surely fix the issue. After all, this fix gives the user get more personalized problem review experience under expert technical. Meanwhile, Raise a help request over Dyson support and fix the Dyson V11 and V12 not charging issues in a more personalized way.

Conclusively, Dyson V11 and V12 have the optimum capacity in today’s vacuum cleaning products. But being a technical gadget, problems usually arise. Now I think after attempting the above fixes, your charging issue will resolve. However, they are not officially Authorized solutions but are more likely working solutions. As we have personally tried and thought a lot about this concern, we finally landed on these solutions. So as of now, you can use these fixes to solve the issue, or either you can wait for official notification.

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