Fix: Dyson V8 Not Charging or Flashing Red or Blue Light

Previously, we discussed a simple troubleshooting guide to fix a leading Chinese brand’s vacuum cleaner. But apart from that Vacuum Cleaner that made everyone amazed is Dyson. A leading company from Singapore established in numerous foreign countries. They have a huge variety of products, each dominating their segment. Dyson V8 is a somewhat special one getting a lot of exposure these days.

But Only exposure is not enough; you must look for after-sales service from a trustworthy company. I agree this Dyson V8 has many advanced features, such as Hygienic bin emptying, perfect car washing, a Convenient docking station, and many more. Meanwhile, everything is perfect with the Dyson V8. But recently, many users have complained that On there Dyson V8 is not charging. For that purpose, here we will guide you on how to fix it.


Dyson V8

Fix: Dyson V8 Not Charging or Flashing Red or Blue Light

Before discussing the exact concern, you should know a few things about Dyson V8 regarding charging. See, Dyson V8 has a 4600mAh battery capacity that lasts up to 40 minutes (Normal mode) and 5 minutes (High-Performance Mode). Do note that the Dyson V8 takes around 5.5 hours to charge completely. For charging such a device, the Dyson V8 has a few light indicators flash on it, and when it completely charges, the light stops glowing.

Apart from that, the Charging status light of the Dyson V8 has two light indicators that flash when the charging cord is not perfectly set. It flashes a red light when the device is not charging and a blue indicator when it needs to be charged. But the present scenario for a few users says Dyson V8 is not charging and flashing red and blue lights. In light of this, there is no update/acknowledgment from the developer.

For that purpose, we strived to find out possible fixes that we could apply. Because of the present status witnessing, the issue is sure from the user’s end. Because the problem is with some limited users, and developers have not made any response. That means we need to figure out what mistake we are doing that resulting Dyson V8 not charging. Don’t worry; we have researched it and found a few common fixes that you can try and resume your Dyson V8 to start working.

Reset the Dyson Battery

This is the foremost solution you can try, as starting things from scratch can solve the problem. However this seems an old trick, but it works for numerous users. You should try this atleast because it might be possible, especially if your concern gets fixed by only resetting the battery. If you don’t know how to reset, follow these steps.

  1. Simply, Unplug the Charger from the Power.
  2. Then Plug the charger again to the Power.
  3. Now connect the charger to Dyson V8.
  4. After that, Hold the Power button for 20 seconds and release it.
  5. That’s all; Your Dyson V8 battery has successfully reset.

Clean the brushbar

The most common issue in many users’ complaints is the direful Brushbar. A lot of times, especially, hairs get stuck in between brush bars. And when you plug your Dyson V7 for charging, it assumes that something is an obstacle with charging. And suddenly, stop charging. And if you are getting such an issue that Dyson V8 is not charging, you should clean brushbars wisely so that things would be in your favor.

Count Red Light Blinks

There is another reason sometimes the Dyson V8 wants to convey is how much time the Red light Blinks. As you know, the Red light gets turned on when the device is not charging. But if it blinks more than 12 times, the Dyson V8 battery has some issues, so it suggests you recharge it. If the blinks are even more than 32 times, it is advisable to visit the service center for a Physical checkup.

Replace Your Dyson Battery

This is the last only option to rely upon and fix the problem. Because In any case, replacing it is the only solution if you have a physically damaged battery or something serious with the battery. So Take the benefit and claim your warranty by getting a replaced battery. Do note that Replaced battery should have all the minimum requirements that a vacuum cleaner battery should. Simply Head to Dyson Authorized service center and replace your battery with professional hands.

Besides that, you can replace the battery with your own. All you need to do is remove the two screws one is over the battery, and the second is on the handle. Get the old battery out and insert a fresh battery there. And so on, fix the two screws as above you removed them. So, these are the things with which you can fix Dyson V8 not charging issue. There is no specific cause behind the issue, so try these troubleshoots to fix your problem. If still, any user has a query, then raise a request on Dyson Support.

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