How to Enable Google Maps Incognito Mode on Smartphone

Everyone loves their share of privacy. However, in today’s date of the internet and smartphone privacy has essentially taken a backseat. Even a majority of people who use smartphones and stay online do not really get bothered about their privacy. However, Google has provided features in its applications to provide efficient user privacy. Today let’s talk about the Google Maps Incognito Mode. As the name suggests, a user can go incognito or private and so does all the traversing info related to him.

The Incognito feature came into existence in the fall of 2019. Currently, AndroidOS have the feature on its smartphones. With the mode active on any Android smartphone, the general movement of the user cannot be tracked by any company, advertisers, etc.

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Google Maps Incognito Mode Explained

Changing your stance to incognito mode would change your profile picture to the default incognito logo of Google. If you have used the Google Chrome browser in Incognito mode, then you can understand what I’m saying here. Your search results will not be stored when going incognito in Google Maps.

Also, you will get no place recommendation from google in private mode. This means if you search for some destination, then, you won’t see Google recommending nearby places or related places. When you travel from one point to another, there is no record of your travel. This definitely means that the location-sharing is disabled by default when the user is on Google Maps Incognito mode.

When the Incognito Mode is active, the user doesn’t have access to offline maps, Google Assistant microphone for navigation.


How to Enable Incognito Mode on Google Maps

Let’s see how we can enable this feature on our Android smartphone.

  • Go to App drawer > Open Google Maps
    Google Maps Incognito Mode Setting
  • Click on your Profile Picture
  • You should now see the profile picture turning into Incognito Logo
  • Also, you would see some information regarding being in Incognito Mode
    Google Maps Incognito Mode Turn On

Disabling the Incognito Mode is quite simple.

  • Open Google Maps
  • Go to the profile picture(incognito active) > tap on it
  • Tap on Turn off Incognito Mode

So, that’s it. Though you will not get the best of data and information privacy by switching to Google Maps Incognito Mode, still a lot of info about your travel and searches will remain anonymous to others. We hope that this guide was useful to you. Stay tuned with GetDroidTips for more such interesting guides.


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