Best Evernote Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

These days you don’t really need to carry around a pen and paper to take any urgent notes. All you need to have is your smartphone, tablet,iPad, or laptop with you. Thanks to applications like Evernote you can easily create and save notes. Evernote is a cross-platform application. it is available over Windows, PC, Android, and macOS. In this guide, I have put up some Evernote keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and macOS PC.

Keyboard shortcuts are always helpful in executing any command quickly. There are a number of Evernote users that are based on both Mac and Windows OS. Those who are new to Evernote may not be aware of the keyboard shortcuts. So, this collection of shortcuts will be helpful for them. These days students who prefer online learning make use of Evernote. Of course, when one takes note he has to be quick enough so as not to miss out on jotting down any info. Remembering handy shortcuts will make it easy to quickly work on your notes. So, let’s get into the guide.

Evernote Keyboard Shortcuts

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Best Evernote Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

I have presented the list of keyboard shortcuts of Evernote for Windows and macOS users in a tabular manner. It will help to easily differentiate between the commands and understand the respective functionality of the command.

Functionality    Keyboard Shortcut WindowsOS    Keyboard Shortcut macOS
Create Quick Note Ctrl + Alt+N Control+Command+N
Sync Evernote  F9 Control+Command+S
Switch between Notes Ctrl + Shift+N Command+J
New Tag Ctrl+Alt+T Control+Command+T
Quick Search Ctrl+Q Option+Command+F
Highlight Text Ctrl + Shift+H Control+Command+H
Insert Date Alt + Shift+D Command+ Shift +D
Insert Time Alt + Shift+D Option+Command+ Shift +D
Break Lines Ctrl + Shift+ – (minus) Command+ Shift +H
Text Encryption Ctrl + Shift+X Command+ Shift +X
Add Emojis Windows + . Control+Command+Space
Details of Note Ctrl + Shift+I Command+ Shift +I

So, that was a detailed list of various Evernote keyboard shortcuts present for Windows OS and macOS users. If you use macOS, you can also customize the shortcuts key combination. Instead of the stock keyboard shortcuts, you can create your own combination of keyboard shortcuts.

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