Fix: File Picker UI Host is Not Responding

File Picker UI Host created by Microsoft for Windows operating system software package. PickerHost.exe basically utilizes the EXE file extension file and is known as the Win32 .exe file. Nowadays, you may face an issue in your system, if you have not updated your Windows OS or any application like Mail App. Any corrupt installation of any uncertain App may also cause the File Picker UI host is not responding the issue. This issue mainly occurs when the user tries to attach or download the file by File picker.

As per the reports, this issue mainly occurs in applications like Skype, Mail, etc., but users claim that they have also faced the same problem with their browsers while using them in their system. Therefore, before moving further to fix this issue, you may try a clean boot process to rectify the error or use alternate apps because a clean system is a key requirement to avoid the File Hosting Ui error.

Fix: File Picker UI Host is Not Responding

Fix: File Picker UI Host is Not Responding

Method 1: Update Windows and the Apps

One of the main reason for File Picker UI Host is Windows and apps are not updated that may impact incompatibility between apps and Windows OS. However, the update may rectify the issue automatically as the Windows updates the app and the OS itself. Still, in case you can do this process manually, the steps to update Windows are:

  1. Click on the window button and type Update windows, and then click on check for update.
  2. After that, a new window opens. Click on check for updates.
  3. Download and install the update and reboot your system.

By update the windows, the issue may fix. If, not the update the app that has Picker Ui host issue by following the below process :

Note – For example – In my case, Microsoft Edge bothered me a lot, so here is the process to update EDGE, and you can apply the update as per the application update process.

  • Click on the window and type edge.
  • Open the Edge app,
  • After that, tap on three horizontals dot in the top right corner next to the profile and navigate settings.
  • Then, click on About Microsoft Edge, and it will automatically update itself.

  • Restart the system to apply the changes.

Now you can check the app that has the File Picker UI Host issue is rectified.

Method 2: Change the setting of the system in Best performance Mode & Virtual Memory setting

Another reason for the File Picker UI Host issue maybe your system is not set to perform in its best performance mode. To change the setting to fix the issue, follow the steps;

  1. Click on Windows and type “Advanced System Settings”.

  2. On the new Tab, search in setting for View Advanced System Settings.
    Fix: File Picker UI Host is Not Responding
  3. In the new window, navigate to the advance section and click on the setting of the performance section.
  4. Then, Open Advanced System Settings.
  5. Now select the Adjust for Best Performance and navigate to the Advanced tab.

  6. Then select the Programs button under Adjust for Best Performance and then click on the Change button under Virtual Memory.
  7. Now, tick on the option of Automatically Manage Paging File Size for All Drives and apply your changes.
    Fix: File Picker UI Host is Not Responding
  8. Then click on apply and reboot your PC and check if the File Picker problem is solved.

Method 3: Apply SFC Scan of the System

The next reason for File Picker UI Host is if any issue in an important system file is corrupted. SFC scan is a process that replaces the corrupted system file with the cache file located in the compressed folder. An SFC scan may resolve this issue. However, it will take some time to scan your system. So, after running the SFC scan, check your system or the app is a fix from the issue. The process to run an SFC scan is as follows:

  1. Click the Windows button, and in the search bar, type cmd.
    cmd admin
  2. After that, Right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator.
    Fix: File Picker UI Host is Not Responding
  3. In the Command Prompt, the blinking cursor appears, type: SFC /scannow, and press the Enter key.
  4. Now, System File Checker starts and checks the integrity of system files.

Method 4: Re-Register, Reset or Reinstall the Doubtful Applications

Suppose you are still facing File Picker UI Host message due to the necessary installation file of that doubtful application getting corrupted. However, you can fix this by re-registering, resetting, or reinstalling the suspicious application. Re-register means that you have to log out first and then log in again.


That’s how you can fix the file picker UI host not responding error. I hope you get your solution to the File Picker UI Host error. If not, then we recommend you to go for the system restore. Take a backup of your data first that may help you further to bring back your data. Now, if you need further help regarding the process, let us know in the comment section.

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