Where to Find Scaly Pete in Maneater

You’re munching through the hunters and it turns out that you’re doing good against them. As you’re confident with your fearlessness and ruthlessness, you just cannot wait to take things to the next level! If that relates to your mindset as a fan of Maneater, then you might be standing at the point where you are wondering about Scaly Pete, one of the hunter bosses in the game.

If you are and your next move is to take him down, then the first thing you need to do is find him. Well, if you’re still determined to go on a fight against him, then read on as we’ll take you through the location to find Scaly Pete in Maneater. The battle is going to be intense so make sure you’re all set. So without any further ado, let’s see where to find Scaly Pete in Maneater.

Where to Find Scaly Pete in Maneater

Where to Find Scaly Pete in Maneater

In Maneater, you will fight Scaly Pete two times. The first fight with Scaly Pete in the game is part of the storyline, which means that this fight is necessary as you progress in the main storyline through this fight. The success in the first fight with Scaly Pete also marks your Elder size, so this fight is vital in every aspect of the game.

The first fight with Scaly Pete in Maneater kicks off after you reach level 20, with the location being in Sapphire Bay. You’ll encounter with Scaly Pete again in the game when you progress further down into the storyline. The second fight is at the end of Maneater’s story campaign that takes place at the Gulf, and this time, you’ll end Scaly Pete once and for all.


Summing up our guide, there are a total of two fights against Scaly Pete in Maneater. You’ll encounter the first fight with this boss after you reach level 20 in Sapphire Bay. The second encounter with Scaly Pete is at the Gulf, where you’ll take down this boss at the end of Maneater’s story campaign.

The fight with Scaly Pete is necessary for further progression in the game’s main storyline, as the first fight pushes the storyline further and the success in this fight marks your Elder size. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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