Fix: FiveM Not Downloading Assets, Content or Any Update

FiveM is a modification tool for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) that enables players to play multiplayer on customized dedicated servers powered by FiveM allows servers to use custom mods like vehicles, weapons, maps, etc. It also allows servers to keep the original game AI without customizing the base GTA V installation files. However, just like other tools, the FiveM Not Downloading Assets, Content, or Any Update issue is troubling a lot of GTA V players.

It’s been one of the older issues for a couple of years, where FiveM keeps downloading assets in the Project Homecoming server. It becomes frustrating to the GTA V players and lags so badly. As per several reports, the downloading resource screen freezes, and even after removing the load screen from the server, FiveM freezes with another resource. So, it seems that some issues from the server end or the PC end need to be fixed.

Fix: FiveM Not Downloading Assets, Content or Any Update

Fix: FiveM Not Downloading Assets, Content, or Any Update

Now, if you’re one of the victims to encounter such an issue, then make sure to follow this troubleshooting guide to resolve it. Here, we’ve shared multiple workarounds to fix the issue easily. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

1. Restart the PC

First, you’ll have to reboot the PC manually to ensure no temporary system glitch or cache data issue is bothering your end. Several players did find this trick helpful. Restarting the system doesn’t take too long, so you can try it.

2. Run FiveM as an Administrator

Run the FiveM app file on your PC as administrator access to allow the User Account Control (UAC) access to the system. Sometimes, your system requires the UAC access permission to run a program, which is quite important. By following the steps below, you’ll have to allow the admin access for once, and it won’t ask you for the same again. To do so:

  • Go to the installed FiveM application directory.
  • Right-click on the FiveM application file on your PC.
  • Click on Properties > Click on the Compatibility tab.

  • Click on the Run this program as an administrator checkbox to enable it.
  • Once done, click on Apply and then OK to save changes.

3. Restart the Server

You’ll need to restart the server of FiveM to ensure there is no conflict with the downloading server resources or assets for GTA V. There is no other way to do it.

4. Update GTA V

It’s also worth recommending you update the GTA V game on the PC by following the steps below to ensure no issue with the outdated game patch version. An outdated game patch version can eventually trigger multiple issues with the game launching or even running server resources.

For Steam:

  • Open the Steam client > Go to Library.
  • Click on GTA V from the left pane.
  • It’ll automatically search for the available update.
  • Now, if there is an update available, click on Update.
  • Wait for some time to install the update.
  • Once done, make sure to close the Steam client.
  • Finally, reboot your PC to apply changes, and then try launching the game again.

For Epic Games Launcher:

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher > Head over to Library.
  • Now, click on the three dots icon of GTA V.
  • Make sure the Auto Update option is turned on.

For Rockstar Games Launcher:

  • Open the Rockstar Games Launcher.
  • Click on GTA V from the left pane.
  • Go to the Settings menu > Click on GTA V under My installed games.
  • Now, click on Enable automatic updates to enable it.

5. Repair the Game Files

Sometimes, you might encounter several issues with the game launching or customized server resources via FiveM if the game files become corrupted or missing. In that case, you’ll need to verify and repair the game files on the PC by following the steps below to check for the issue.

For Steam:

  • Launch Steam > Click on Library.
  • Right-click on GTA V from the list of installed games.
  • Now, click on Properties > Go to Local Files.
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • You’ll have to wait for the process until it gets completed.
  • Once done, restart your computer.

For Rockstar Games Launcher:

  • Open the Rockstar Games Launcher and sign into the account.
  • Go to Settings > Select GTA V under the My installed games section.
  • Now, click on Verify Integrity under the Verify game file integrity section.
  • Wait for the repair process, and then relaunch the game.

For Epic Games Launcher:

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher > Click on Library.
  • Click on the three-dots icon of GTA V.
  • Click on Verify, and it’ll start verifying the game files.
  • Wait for the process to complete and restart the launcher.

6. Clear the FiveM Cache Files

Sometimes, clearing the FiveM cache files on the PC might help you with downloading assets or content. It’s better to follow the steps below to clear cache files.

  • Open the Start menu and search for FiveM.
  • Right-click on FiveM from the search > Select Open file location.
  • Now, locate and right-click on FiveM > Select Open file location again.
  • Double-click on FiveM Application Data in the folder.
  • Open the data folder.
  • Press and hold the CTRL key & click on the cacheserver-cache, & server-cache-priv folders.
  • Next, press the Delete key and confirm that you want to delete.
  • Once done, restart your PC, and run FiveM.

7. Update Windows

An outdated Windows OS version or build number can eventually trigger system performance issues, game launching issues, etc. You can follow the steps below to install the update.

  • Press the Win+I keys to open Windows Settings.
  • Click on Update & Security.
  • Select Check for updates under Windows Update.Windows Update Windows 11
  • If there is a feature update available, select Download and Install.
  • Wait until the software update is complete.
  • Once done, restart your computer to install the software update.

8. Disable Windows Firewall

You can also try disabling Windows Firewall by following the steps below to check if the game files are getting blocked or not. Windows Firewall basically prevents ongoing files from the system to restrict unauthorized connections.

  • Click on the Start Menu > Search and open Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.
  • From the Customize Settings page, select the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) option in all the PublicDomain, and Private Networks.
  • Click on OK to save changes.
  • Once done, reboot the PC to apply changes.

9. Turn Off Antivirus

It’s suggested to always check for the real-time protection status of the antivirus software whether any kind of blocking works without your consent or not. Sometimes aggressive antivirus protection can cause several issues with the program running on the Windows system. You can check the steps below to turn off the Windows antivirus program.

  • Go to the Start menu and type Windows Security.
  • Click on Virus & threat protection to open it.
  • From the Virus & threat protection settings segment, click on Manage settings.
  • Now, make sure to Turn Off the Real-time protection feature.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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