A guide to fix Android Oreo Bluetooth issues

One of the biggest news for the Android lovers this year was the launch of Android Oreo that took place recently. Just after its introduction, a huge community of Android users all over the world started finding the information on its features, capabilities, and compatibility with their smartphones. Although it’s not currently available for all the devices in the market presently, it gained a lot of popularity. Actually, Android Oreo has its own pros and cons associated with it and it is quite true that it has a lot to offer to the Android lovers. At the same, time there are reports on some common issues with it. In this post, we will talk about Android Oreo Bluetooth issues and how to fix the same. If you need to know how to fix Android Oreo Bluetooth issues, you can proceed with the information in below paragraphs.

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Oreo has several new features such as Picture-in-Picture mode, enhanced battery life, snoozing notifications and a lot more. However, there are some compatibility issues and bugs already present. The fact is no OS is completely free from them in the present scenario and so did Oreo. A lot of people have already reported that they are facing Bluetooth problems on their device because of Android Oreo. Some of the frequently reported problems are unable to pair with other devices, connection failure again and again, and failure to get calls on Bluetooth devices.

A guide to fix Android Oreo Bluetooth issues

The fact is this issue was present in Developer preview too and you might be surprised to know that it has been reported by a lot of people. The good thing is Google has acknowledged it and have already started working on it. In case you are facing this issue, you can try our guide below. There are certain chances that things become normal again.

Steps to fix Android Oreo Bluetooth issues

The first thing you need to do is a very basic step and i.e. restarting your device. See if Bluetooth issues are gone. If not, follow the below instructions.

Turn your device Bluetooth on and Off

Frequently following this practice can solve the issue. It may seem strange but there are certain chances of this. Repeat this task at least 15 to 20 times. There is no harm associated with this approach.

Delete all paired devices

With several devices, there is always a limit on the number of devices you can keep in the history. If this limit is exceeded, you need to delete the previous devices before connecting the new ones. Therefore we advise you to try this method as well. There is nothing much you need to do for this. Turn On the Bluetooth and go to the phone settings and click on Bluetooth. You will see the complete list of devices you have paired your own device with previously. Click on each device and choose “forget the connection”. Try connecting to a new device after this.

Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned off

One thing you need to keep in your mind is devices have a common transmitter for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and thus both of them couldn’t work at the same time in most of the devices. Thus it is suggested to turn off your Wi-Fi. Reboot your device after this to see if it works.

Clear Bluetooth cache

Sometimes not clearing the Bluetooth Cache is also the reason for the Bluetooth not to work properly. It is also possible in case of Android Oreo. The problem can simply be avoided if you clear cache and data. This can simply be done by visiting the device Settings.


Reset Network Settings

It is another important task that you can perform simply to bring your Android Oreo device Bluetooth back on track again. However, you need to keep this thing in your mind that it will delete all the Wi-Fi networks and will clear the data limits at the same time in case you have set them. Also, all the app data restrictions will no longer remain valid but the fact is this trick can make the Bluetooth work smoothly on your Android Oreo device. For this, go to your device Settings and click on “Systems”. You will see an option “Reset”. Tap on it and you will see “Network Settings Reset”. Click on it and you are done.

Reboot into safe mode

Safe Mode is one of the best options to know what exactly is stopping the Bluetooth on your device to work reliably. Actually, it disables third party apps which have been reported to cause several Bluetooth issues. In case you find it working properly in the Safe Mode, obviously, the problem is due to third party apps. Thus you should uninstall them and reboot your device. To enable Safe Mode, press power button for a while. You will see the option “Power Off”. Simply touch and hold the same post which a popup will appear saying “Reboot to Safe Mode”. Click on it and your device will go into Safe Mode after a restart.

Disable Battery Optimization

Simply removing the Bluetooth from battery optimization can also eliminate the Bluetooth issues on Android Oreo devices. For this, open your device Settings and click on Battery. You will see a three-dot menu at the top right. Click on it and select “Battery Optimization”. Turn it off for “Bluetooth service”. Reboot the device simply after this to see if it works.


These are some of the common methods to avoid Bluetooth problems on your Android Oreo device. In case they don’t work, wait for the software update as this is the only way possible to keep up the pace. Google has already acknowledged that they will soon come with a solution to this issue.


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