Guide to fix battery draining issue on Elephone smartphone

Elephone is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, considered to be one of the main emerging smartphone brands from China. They have a couple of devices with good configuration and a huge battery to support this. Most of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers and even others follow this trend of adding a huge battery to the device. This is an important necessity for keeping the device turned on for a longer time. But no matter how much the battery is increased, the battery draining issue is still annoying many users. In this guide, we will walk you through the ways to fix battery draining issue on Elephone.

The smartphone comes with a lot of features and better configurations. The ability to multi-task more seamlessly and the increased quality of hardware made smartphones the favorite gadget of the world population. But one thing which decreased due to these improvements is the battery life. There is nothing strange in this as the increased performance will need more power to be delivered. But you still have options to decrease the pace of battery draining by following various. Here are some of these steps you can use with Elephone devices, please read through to find out more.

Guide to fix battery draining issue on Elephone smartphone

 Ways to fix battery draining issue on Elephone

The battery of the device is not used by a single element or service. So the steps to save battery life also need you to do various steps in various settings of the device. The more steps you follow the better will be the battery life.

Disable unwanted connectivity options

Elephone devices come with a lot of wireless connectivity options including Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS, NFC etc. These, when enabled, can take up a good part of the battery. Even if you not using these, simply enabling this options itself can drain your battery faster. So it is recommended that you disable these when you are not using these.

Lower screen brightness

Elehone have added the ability to adjust the brightness based on your preferences. The higher the brightness more the used battery. So it is advised that you keep the brightness as lower as possible based on your surroundings. You can also try enabling auto brightness option which will automatically adjust the brightness based on surroundings.

Remove apps that use a lot of battery

There are a lot of apps available for Android devices today. But you should be careful when downloading and using a new app. Many apps work on background taking up a lot of battery. you can find this out by checking the battery status of your device inside the settings. Removing apps that take up a lot of battery will help you improve the battery life.

Use battery saving mode

All Android devices come with a battery saving mode. Using this will stop all the services which might take up a lot of battery. In-turn the battery life of the device will be improved. Enabling this feature can help you increase the battery life and solve the battery draining issue.

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to fix battery draining issue on Elephone smartphone. If any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

Device Name Device Name Device Name
Elephone A1 Elephone G1 Elephone P4000
Elephone A2 Elephone G2 Elephone P5000
Elephone A2 Pro Elephone G3 Elephone P6000
Elephone A2 Elephone G4 Elephone P6000 Pro
Elephone A2 Pro Elephone G5 Elephone P7000
Elephone A4 Elephone G6 Elephone P8000
Elephone A5 Elephone G7 Elephone P9000
Elephone A5 Lite Elephone G9 Elephone P9000 Lite
Elephone PX Elephone Ivory Elephone R9
Elephone P11 Elephone M1 Elephone S2
Elephone U2 Elephone M2 Elephone S2 Plus
Elephone U2 Pro Elephone M3 Elephone S3
Elephone A4 Pro Elephone M3 Pro Elephone S7
Elephone A6 Mini Elephone P6i Elephone Soldier
Elephone A8 Elephone P6s Elephone Trunk
Elephone C1 Elephone P7 Elephone U
Elephone C1 Max Elephone P7 Mini Elephone U Pro
Elephone C1 Mini Elephone P8 Elephone Vowney
Elephone C1x Elephone P8 Pro Elephone Vowney
Elephone E04 Elephone P8 Mini Elephone Band 5
Elephone P8 Max Elephone P8 Max Elephone P10
Elephone P8 3D Elephone P8 3D Elephone P11
Elephone P9 Elephone P9 Elephone P10c
Elephone P9c Elephone P4000 Elephone P2000
Elephone P3000 Elephone P10 Elephone P3000s

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