Fix Battery Draining Issue on Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus And Improve Battery Life

If the battery on your new Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus is draining faster than you expected, then there might be a faulty battery. Sometimes, however, it’s not a hardware problem, but something that you can solve out by tweaking your device’s settings. In this article, we will present to you some straightforward methods to fix battery draining issue on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus and improve battery life.

Samsung mounted powerful batteries in its latest flagships smartphones, and the company even claimed that users could enjoy an all-day-long battery life. However, it’s always room for improvements. Even more, it seems that a battery draining issue is affecting some Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus users. Although it might be annoying not to take advantage of the powerful batteries of these smartphones, you don’t have to worry if you’re one of those affected users because we’ll show you how to fix that situation.

How to fix battery draining issue on Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus and improve battery life?

Close the apps that consume too much battery

Sometimes, a software incompatibility or a glitch in one or more apps might be causing the battery draining issue on smartphones. The same might apply to the latest Samsung’s flagship smartphones. To check which apps consume too much battery, you have to go to Settings -> Device Maintenance -> Battery -> Battery Usage and keep an eye on the running apps.

Commonly, applications like Snapchat, Facebook, or Oculus VR, which comes pre-installed by Samsung, might drain your battery if you use them a lot. Also, a weather widget that’s regularly updating itself might consume too much battery. You can force close those apps that consume battery too much.

Always-On Display is also a massive battery consumer

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus come with huge displays. The screen of these devices is already consuming much of the battery, so you don’t need to add some more consumption to that.

Thus, to fix battery draining issue on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus, you should disable the features that use the display. Always-On Display is one of those functions, and, even though it’s nice, it’s consuming your battery. Disabling it is a smart decision to improve battery life.


Use the Night Mode

Samsung Galaxy S10 series comes equipped with a Night Mode which is useful to improve battery life. Displays usually consume too much battery when they display bright colors, so opting for a dark mode would be ideal for lowering the battery consumption.

Stop using features that you don’t need

Another method to fix battery draining issue on Galaxy S10 devices would be to disable all those features that you don’t use or need. For example, Edge Lighting, gestures control, and Edge Panel, among others, are consuming too much battery when active. Turning them off will improve battery life.

You can disable them from Settings -> Advanced Features and turn on every feature you don’t find useful to you.

Use Power Saving Mode

On Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus, Samsung implemented a very performant battery optimization manager. Besides, Android 9 Pie also comes with some significant tweaks regarding battery life improvements and battery saving features.

Go to Settings -> Device Care -> Battery and check out the default battery saving modes. A Power Saving Mode reduces brightness, resolution, and can even reduce the CPU performance.

All these tweaks would help you fix battery draining issue on Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10 Plus and improve battery life. However, in case none of these solutions work for you, then your smartphone might have a faulty battery, so you should seek professional help.

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