How to Fix Blank or Black Monitor Problem on a PC

Fix Black Monitor Problem on a PC: You have an important work to do, you turn on the PC and it doesn’t work! What? you ask yourself but the monitor is blank. PC is not working at all. So the question arises why this is happening and how to fix the black monitor problem on a PC? So without a further do, let’s start.

How to Fix Blank or Black Monitor Problem on a PC

Most of us face many problems while operating on a PC. Sometimes they are easy to fix, and sometimes they require a rocket scientist. However, if you’re facing the black monitor problem on your PC then do not worry. It is not a so big issue, and we will help you to fix this right away. Down below are possible

Hardware problems that cause Black Monitor Problem in PC

Fix Black Monitor Problem on a PC:

There are both hardware as well as software problems responsible for black mirror problem. in this section, we will discuss the hardware problems which causes Black screen monitor problem in PC. So if you think its a hardware issue then you can find the solution below.

Method 1 – Check Power

Sounds silly, but maybe check the power cable or the power socket before panicking that Monitor is non-functional. Always checks whether your screen’s power outlet is working, the cable is intact and functional and there is not dust in the connector. However, if the monitor is working but still there is no display then it might be other problem.

Method 2 – Check Data Cable

There are two types of cables which we usually use. One of them is VGA cable which is more prone to accidental damage. The other one is HDMI cable, this is more reliable but hey, there might be a problem with the cable. So I recommend you to check the cable, check for any pin deflection, any wear or tear problems in the wire. If wire seems fine from the outside then I recommend you to change the wire, just to be sure.

Method 3 – Restart your CPU

It is the obvious advice but hey, it works sometimes. Maybe your CPU was in low power state and was not giving signals to the monitor. I this case a simple restart will work. If this still doesn’t help then you might need to check the power supply of CPU itself. Here are the 3 ways to restart your monitor.

Method 4 – Check CPU SMPS

Sometimes the power supply of CPU fails, in this case, the CPU appears to work as its flashing lights and the hard drive is working. But it won’t give any video output signals. It happened to me a few years ago and changing SMPS helped me a lot. If you have tried the above methods then I must say your CPU’s SMPS need to be changed. now SMPS are costly and I recommend you to change when you’re completely sure about it. Maybe try to troubleshoot software issues which cause this issue before placing your order for SMPS.

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Method 5 – Check for sand and even dead rats

Did you know that sand contains silicon particles which conducts electricity? I also didn’t know until my CPU got a lot of dust and it stopped working. And the magic was everything started working as soon as I blew up all the sand using a hairdryer. Sand is bad for any kind of electronics, we must clean our gadgets from time to time and CPU should not be an exception. If you are facing from the black mirror problem then its a great excuse to open up your CPU and clean it with a blowdryer. Maybe it will help and all your problems will be solved. Also check if there is any dead lizard, or mouse or something else. Usually, these small animals get into your CPU and cause a short circuit which ultimately causes black monitor problem in PC.

Software issues that cause Black Monitor Problem in PC

As we have covered the hardware parts which causes black monitor problem in PC, not its time to discuss the software ones. Software troubleshooting can be tricky or easy depending on your understanding of computers. But I assure you, this will be as easy as it gets.

Method 1 – Check your Screen resolution

Sometimes people accidentally change screen resolution settings higher than their monitor’s capacity. So what happens is the monitor doesn’t support the resolution and shows a black screen. And at this point, most people think that their computer is broken now. Well, that’s not the case and you can fix this easily. Just boot your computer in safe mode and change the resolution back to normal. However, you don’t need to do this as windows have a safety feature and it turns back the default screen resolution settings for  15 seconds. So just wait for 15 seconds and it will turn back to normal. Just make sure you dot press enter during this 15-second interval.

Method 2 – Check the input source

Did you kids, your friends or your coworkers made a prank out of you by changing the display input source. If this is the case then you need to change back to its original state in order to make it work. Just open the display menu (check your device user manual to find the menu buttons) and change back the input type to VGA or HDMI. Depending on what kind of input source you’re using at the moment.

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Method 3 – BIOS

Now, this is the ugliest side of fixing any error in PC. In this case, there might be a problem with the BIOS boot menu. This could happen because you recently changed hard drive or any other storage equipment. So quickly boot into BIOS settings and change the default boot menu so that it works.

Method 4 – Windows Recovery Options

Maybe the windows are corrupted! Well, that’s what a lot of people say when they encounter any PC problem. However, it is true that a lot of Windows PC problems can be solved by installing a new copy of windows. However here, there might be a problem with the display driver, or maybe virus and malware are creating hindrance between display ports. So, just install a fresh copy of windows in your PC. Installing windows in PC will ultimately solve this problem, but try this method at the last as you will lose every unsaved work and probably a lot of important documents and data as well.

I hope this guide was helpful to resolve the blank or black monitor problem on a PC

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