Methods To Fix Bluboo GPS Problem [Quick Troubleshoot].

Bluboo is a Chinese based Electronic company whose major products are smartphones with cutting-edge technologies. Since smartphones are reliable in multiple aspects of everyday life, one of the most used features in the new era are Global positioning system(GPS). GPS helps a stress-free journey to any corner of the world with directions at your fingertips. But what if GPS doesn’t work as it is meant to be? If you have encountered an issue with GPS, then here we will guide on how to fix Bluboo GPS problem with some simple solution.

Methods To Fix Bluboo GPS Problem [Quick Troubleshoot].

Most common Bluboo GPS issues are:

  • GPS drift: The GPS track move away from the road and show itself in other faulty location.
  • GPS signal loss: Due to the large attenuation or other factors, it is shown that GPS signal is lost.
  • Bouncing of GPS: The bouncing of GPS track can cause your activity to report fluctuations in the distance that you have covered.

Here are some of the easiest and effective methods to tackle the issues that mess with the stress-free usage of GPS application.

Refresh/Restart the GPS

One of the most efficient ways to tackle the Bluboo GPS issue is to restart the GPS connection. To perform this first Slide down the notification bar and click on the GPS icon or go to settings > Location, to turn ON and OFF the GPS connection and wait for at least 5 seconds and switch on the GPS again.

Take off the phone case/cover.

Even though the cases are made for the desired looks and external protection of the phone, it can cause attenuation in radio frequencies which technology affects the functioning of GPS. To remove the case and check for the GPS, if it works it is better to avoid the phone case completely or buying a new one (obviously by checking for the signal reception) if you are a trend lover.

Toggling Airplane Mode

Toggling airplane mode is similar to toggling GPS; It helps to restart the whole connection settings. Many users find it as a quick fix for the issues regarding GPS and other connection settings. For this slide down the notifications bar and check for the airplane symbol. Switch it ON for at least 15-20 seconds and turn it off. This should restart the connection operations and should probably fix the GPS issues.

Exit the power saving mode

Power saving mode as the name suggests reducing the power used by the phone in performing operations. It is a software-based program that kills the background operations and other comparatively less significant or power consuming applications to conserve the battery charge for the operation longevity. Since GPS is a power consuming operation, chances are the mode should have been killing the application to conserve its power. So by switching off the power saver mode might help in proper functioning of GPS. So to do this slide down the notification bar and click on the power saver mode icon (image of a battery) and switch off the power saving mode.

Restarting the device

Sometimes the most efficient and a handy method is to restart the device. As simple as that! This should restart the whole operations of the phone from the bottom, and this should fix the GPS problems. To do this click and hold the power button and in the resulting options click on Restart. If it works and after some time, the problem reappears it is better to access a permanent fix by consulting a certified professional or company service centers.

Update the software and Firmware

Google map is one of the main application that integrates with the built-in GPS function to help you find the paths. So by updating the key apps, it should fix the bugs and other technical software issue and “cure” your phones GPS. To do this click on Google play store > search for “google maps”> update.

Also, the Firmware that is the system update plays an important role in bug fixing in the operating system issues .so the pending updates are advised to be updated as soon as possible and also check for new system updates. To perform this Go to settings > about device > Check updates > Install the updates and check whether the GPS issue is resolved.

Still, you have no update. Then, you can manually upgrade to latest software on your phone. Here is the list of Stock Firmware for Bluboo.

Reset to default factory settings

As a last option consider resetting the device to its factory settings which were the primary stage with no other 3rd party apps and data’s. Be cautious because this process will delete all the data’s you have stored. So before performing this, it is advised to backup all the data’s to external storage or Cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. To do this go to settings >backup and reset>factory data reset and wait until the device gets restarted.

While the phone gets restarted check whether the problems with the GPS is resolved. If yes then restore the backed up data and use it, and If still, the problems persist it might be because of the hardware malfunctions such as antenna’s signal reception issues. So it is advised to be examined by a certified professional, or if it is still under service warranty, you can quickly get the problems fixed or phone replaced* (Terms and conditions apply).

I hope this guide was helpful to resolve the fix Bluboo GPS problem. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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