How to Fix Bluboo Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Bluboo is a smartphone that is available at the market after rigorous testing in software and its hardware components. Battery capacity is an essential feature in the competing factors among the smartphone market. Software optimizations help in increasing the longevity of battery life. But what if the phone is not getting charged as it is meant to be? Even though it seems like a minor issue, it can seriously affect the daily life since nowadays most of the work and time management orbits around the smartphone applications.

How to Fix Bluboo Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Check out the Fix for Bluboo Not Charging Problem

Do you want to resolve Bluboo Not Charging Problem, then here we will sort out how to fix the device not charging problem? Electronic devices may glitch from time to time and when your G4 stops charging or won’t respond when plugged in. If this occurs to you, this is what you’re going to do:

Make sure it’s not just a Firmware Issue

Check whether it is a firmware issue. In a lot of cases, the user interface fails to show the “charging” symbol due to some minor bug issues or firmware malfunctions. So to tackle this, you can perform either unplug the charger and retry connecting the charger. Or you can restart the phone. It can be done by pressing the power key for 5 seconds and in the resulting options click on restart. Check whether the issue is resolved.

Check Whether the Charger Works fine

Make sure that the charger works fine. Usually, a malfunction from charger can end up in faulty charging issues. By connecting another smartphone to the same charger and check whether the charger works and if the charger is not working it is better to get a new charger which your smartphone device specifies. Using other chargers can affect the performance of your phone’s battery.

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Check the USB Cable

If the charger works fine, then the issue might be with the charging port of your smartphone. It can be because of many problems such as dirt or liquid substance near the charging port or maybe because the charging pin is either broken bent.
You can try cleaning the pin, and it’s surrounding by blowing air into it or by cautious direct cleaning. And if it is due to the bent of the pin, gently try to straighten up the pin using tweezers. And try to reconnect the charger and check whether the problem persists.

Consult  a Profession or service center

If even after performing all the above fixes you couldn’t find a way through, then it is better to send the phone for repair to a certified service center.

Hope all these solutions will help to Fix for Bluboo Not Charging Problem faced by users. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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