Guide To Fix Bluboo Power Button Not Working Problem

The most used button in the history of buttons probably must be the power on button of a smartphone. Because for every operation, the users rely on the power button. So it is essential to keep the power button in excellent condition. Smartphone manufacturers know the importance of this button, so they ensure multiple testing before the release of the device. Since it is used extensively, the chances are you might face some issue with the power button. So here is a guide to fix the Bluboo power button malfunction.

Guide To Fix Bluboo Power Button Not Working Problem

The reasons for the issue to head up are usually due to the over the use of the power button. When the users click the button for simple functions like checking the time the chances are they might encounter some issues with the power button.

Restart the phone

Restarting the phone is one of the easiest and effective ways to tackle the issue. So by connecting an external USB charger or by receiving a call, you can get the display of the phone turned ON.

Unfortunately, if your phone is in an OFF condition and you couldn’t turn it ON then previously debug enabled phone can get switch ON when connected to the computer.

Download third-party applications

By downloading third-party apps, it can switch between the functions of the buttons. The devices need special permissions for doing the same. There are multiple methods by which applications can take control of the power switch which are

Power button to volume button

The app “power button to volume button” make use of the software access permission, so that volume key acts as the power button.

Gravity screen

It is an app that makes use of the accelerometer sensor so that whenever the phone is kept inside the pocket or kept on a table, the screen shuts down. And in cases where the phone is aligned to eyesight, the screen is automatically turned on. So without the help of a power button the phone senses the purpose of the user.

Proximity actions

This application works together with the proximity sensor so that the phone can be controlled using gestures. The proximity sensors are located near the front-facing camera and actions close in front of the sensor can be programmed to perform certain gestures. The application has the option to reprogram and add multiple gestures for performing numerous functions.

Knock on

Is another app that is available on the Google play store for devices that work on android 4.1 and above. This app makes use of the capacitive touch of the screen. But the drawback is the fast drainage of the battery. It is found that not all the phone functions well with the app. So before installing the app, it is better to check the compatibility of your model of the phone.

Repair the broken button

The most preferred solution for this problem is to repair the broken button. This should be done by an authorized professional. If your device is still under warranty period, then the fix should be easier for you.

Hope all these solutions will help to Fix Bluboo Power Button Not Working Problem faced by all users. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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