A guide to fix Bootloop Issue Caused by an Incompatible Xposed Module

Smartphones have added a lot to our life. In the present scenario, a lot of smartphones are available in the market. However, this doesn’t mean that we can put them all equal in every aspect. Each manufacturer is known for one or more specialization. Although most of the smartphones are best in every aspect, a few are having some of the key issues associated with them. It is quite true that even some of the well-known manufacturers have issues/bugs in their devices. One example is boot loop issue which is pretty common on several Android devices. In this guide, we will guide you to fix Bootloop Issue Caused by an Incompatible Xposed Module.

Many users don’t know what exactly it’s all about. Basically, a boot loop issue occurs due to an incompatible Xposed module or can be due to other reasons as well. When this problem declares its presence, a device keeps rebooting into recovery mode again and again. Well, this problem is quite common and you might have no idea but a very large number of Android users experience the same. It is possible to eliminate this problem simply. In this post, we will let you know how to fix a bootloop issue caused by an incompatible Xposed Module.

A guide to fix Bootloop Issue Caused by an Incompatible Xposed Module

How to fix Bootloop Issue Caused by an Incompatible Xposed Module

It is quite true that there are a lot of Xposed modules available that can help Android users to change the settings of OS as per their wish. However, it is also true that not all of them are compatible with all the Android devices and create boot loop issues. Most users think they have to permanently disable Xposed Framework which in fact is true in all the cases. You can temporarily disable the same than removing it fully.

As this will disable the module which is incompatible, you can easily assure your device boot up again. We have spotlighted two methods here and you can choose as per your convince. One method is to use button combination and second is to flash a Xposed disabler ZIP. As there is no need for you to download anything with the first method, it seems easier. On the other side, the second method may not work properly on all Android devices. We suggest you to try these methods before you proceed with anything else in order to fix a bootloop issue that is caused by an incompatible Xposed module.

First method- Button combination

On several Android devices, it is possible to disable the Xposed framework that is not compatible simply by pressing a hardware button again and again while booting. Simply turn off your phone and press & hold the power button. This will start a hard reboot. You will find the screen going black. At the same time, keep pressing any hardware button frequently. Keep this thing in mind that you must perform this task prior to appearing the splash screen. Although any button may work for this, it is advisable to use power button only.


Sometimes pressing another button may take your phone directly into the recovery mode. You will find an acknowledgment by Xposed module saying you going to enter the safe mode. You must go ahead at this point and press the power button around 4 to 5 times. Every time you press the time, the phone vibrates. When you find a long vibration is there, stop pressing the button. After this, let your device boot up to disable framework. Upon booting, you can check that Xposed Framework is a disabled post which you can simply remove the incompatible module from the section.

A guide to fix Bootloop Issue Caused by an Incompatible Xposed Module

As the undesired module is gone, possibly you should enable the framework again. For this, simply launch a root capable file browser and go to the following.

data>data>de>robv>Android>Xposed>installer>conf> folder

There would be a file named “disabled”. You need to remove the same post which you can reboot your device and can see all the enabled modules are there on the phone.

Second Method- Flash Xposed Disabler ZIP

This method needs you to have a custom recovery and therefore it is considered as complex than first. Also, it’s already mentioned that this method may not work on all the Android devices. You just need to download the Xposed disabler ZIP from the below link and start flashing it. You can download the file on your Personal Computer as the phone doesn’t boot. After this, you need to boot your device into the recovery mode and have to connect it to the computer through a USB cable. Make sure that your device would be detected as MTP device by the computer if you are in TWRP recovery. Next is to move the ZIP file into your phone.

After this, simply select install in TWRP and start flashing the file. After this, reboot your phone and delete the bad Xposed module. You can again flash Xposed flashable zip file in case you need to enable Xposed.

You can download Xposed Disabler Zip from the below link

Download Link

Download Xposed Disabler Zip File

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