How to Fix Evercoss Water Damaged Smartphone Using This Quick Guide!

People now buy Smartphones for multiple uses. The functions that a smartphone can do is infinite. It is more like a personal computer and more. People now communicate more through smartphones and social than in person. So Smartphones is almost the world where the user’s world revolves around the device. But suddenly if you drop the phone into water then it is more like losing everything. From contacts to other media and data ( if not backup). If you are using one of the premium phones with waterproofing then you might not have to worry at all. But all new smartphones are not waterproof.

Evercoss are smartphone manufacturers who are successful in attaining a large number of customers and counting. Not all the devices they manufacture are not waterproof. But it is well protected over simple water spilling or rain. But what If your phone is suddenly dropped in water? Here we discuss the fixes for water damaged Evercross smartphones.

How to Fix Evercoss Water Damaged Smartphone Using This Quick Guide!

How dangerous is water damage to a smartphone?

Since smartphones are made using complex circuitry inside, If water manages to get into the circulatory then it is highly dangerous and chances are you cannot use the phone anymore. But wait, if you act fast you might be able to save your device. Here are certainly important steps to fix the Evercoss water damaged.

Steps to fix Evercoss water damaged:

Do’s and Don’t.

  1. Take out the phone immediately out of the water. Then switch it off as fast as possible. Cover it with a towel or paper to absorb the water.
  2. Don’t connect it to the charger or switch it ON until the moisture content is completely gone.
  3. Don’t shake or blow the phone. It will further move the water to the inside of the phone that can cause a short circuit.
  4. Don’t heat the phone or keep it near the fire. It is extremely dangerous to keep the phone near fire because the battery can explode when it gets hotter than a limit. So just leave the phone at room temperature. All you should do is to wait.
  5. Disassemble the phone. This doesn’t mean that you should take apart your phone or unscrew them. It may not only damage the phone but it can affect the warranty of your device.
  6. You can try cleaning the phone using the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can take out the moisture content inside the phone. But you should be careful while doing this because if you move around the phone too much that can harm it.
  7. Wait for the device to get completely dry out. The water can get into tight and sophisticated areas. So it will take time to dry out. Have patience.
  8. After doing all these steps, still, if you find the device is not working properly then you should send the phone for repair. It should be given to an authorized service centre.

We hope that you have found the solution for the water damaged Evercoss smartphone. If you have any queries, do drop the comments below or contact us directly.

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