Guide To Fix Evercoss WiFi Connectivity Problem

Bought an Evercoss device and facing WiFi Connectivity issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Evercoss WiFi Connectivity Problem.

Smartphones are purchased by the users for multiple reasons. The smartphones became a huge hit in the tech market is due to its features that make the device so smart. Now phones can access data at speeds that older phones or technology can only dream of. The main part of which made the device smarter is the fact that they have stored unlimited access to knowledge. Now smartphones can be used to know anything user the sun or beyond the mighty galaxy. So it is the internet that plays a major role in making the device smart. So it is important that the device should be connected to the network to access the Internet.

Evercoss is one of the leading manufacturers of the smartphone industry. The devices released by the company are versatile and of multiple price ranges, which gives enough choices to the customers to the select the devices they wish for. For customers, the budget is an important factor. If they find phones with low cost and same features they might choose the former. So Evercoss anticipate the market well and manages to sell the device successfully on the market. Here we discuss the easy fixes for WiFi problems in Evercoss smartphones.

Guide To Fix Evercoss WiFi Connectivity Problem

Is WiFi problem a normal issue?

Since WiFi is one of the most used services in a smartphone, there are chances for the device to malfunction. Normally there arises a lot of wifi problems on any smartphones but it is quite normal. This can be caused because of errors from its users. So wifi problems are common and you got less to worry about. But if the problem arises often then you have to be cautious. Here are some fixes for the WiFi problems in Evercoss smartphones.

Fixes for WiFi problems in  Evercoss smartphones.

  1. Toggle the WiFi switch. To do this swipe down the notification bar and click on the WiFi icon. This makes the WiFi to get restarted and fix the issue.
  2. Toggle aeroplane mode. Aeroplane mode is designed to switch off all the radio frequency communications in a smartphone. This will shut down the WiFi and restart the whole connection process.
  3. Restart your device. The problem can be related to the firmware. So that when you restart the device the whole connection settings are refreshed. Restart your device and check whether the issue is resolved.
  4. Verify the wireless access point (AP) or router. Check whether the AP or router is connected to the internet. If the router is not communicating with the network provider you will not get access to the internet. So fix the router first to enable the connection.
  5. The problem can be associated with the WiFi channel. The router might be operating in s totally different bandwidth compared to the device you are working on. There are two channels in standard WiFi routers that are 2.5GHz and 5 GHz. You can either tune your phone to access the bandwidth the router is working on.

Even after performing all these steps if your issue is not resolved then the problem might be associated with the WiFi hardware. Therefore take your device to an authorized service centre.


We hope you have found this post useful in fixing your Evercoss smartphones WiFi problems. For queries do drop comments or contact us directly.

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