Fix for the Laptop that doesn’t Turn On

Many laptop users have faced this problem. This problem is the most common problem which occurs in the laptop users.

Troubleshooting a laptop is quite harder than a desktop because you can’t remove or fix the hardware from the laptop easily. Follow the steps which will help to identify the problem which is the reason for your laptop to be turned off. Before troubleshooting your laptop, you have to remove all peripherals such as the mouse, USB drive which is connected in your laptop.

Check for power in your laptop

  • Check whether battery power does still alive in your laptop by plugging in the charging adapter for the laptop (you can notice this by the notification led which glows while charging your laptop).
  • If your laptop running on battery power only, connecting to the power adapter may solve the problem.
  • Make sure that the power adapter plugged in properly in your laptop (check the power plug is fixed properly in your laptop).

If your laptop works with the power adapter plugged in, then it might be your laptop’s battery which may be dead or defective. In such case, your laptop doesn’t work, then first check your laptops charging pinhole( It may be bent or damaged). If it is perfect(laptop charging port) then try another laptop power adapter, which is compatible with your manufacturer and check again.

Remove your Laptop Battery

Many latest generation laptops come with the architecture that doesn’t allow the user to remove the battery(such laptop has an inbuilt battery).

  • Before removing the battery from the laptop, you have to disconnect the power cable adapter from the laptop.
  • Now remove the battery from the laptop and clean the battery terminals and clean the terminal in the laptop battery slot with a soft cotton cloth( use clean and clear dry cloth for cleaning and it should not have any dust) and clean the terminals gently without damaging the terminals in the laptop.
  • After cleaning the battery terminals, put it back to your laptop and connect the power cable in your laptop and turn it on.

If the above method doesn’t turn on your laptop, then try the method below

Turn on Laptop without battery

In some circumstances, a little residual electrical charge can force your laptop to not to turn it on. In order to discharge your laptop from electrical clog, use the following steps.

  • Remove all peripheral. disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery from the laptop
  • Then Press and Hold the Power Button for more than 20 seconds.
  • After pressing the power button, leave the power button and Plug in the power adapter into your laptop (Don’t reattach the battery in your laptop)
  • Then again press the power button to turn your laptop on.

If it doesn’t work, then repeat the same method by holding the power button a little longer than before, so it may work. In most cases, the above methods will almost help you to turn on your laptop.

If your laptop doesn’t work by the above methods, then your laptop’s hardware would have failed. It’s better to contact the manufacturer of your laptop and get it repaired. If your laptop comes warranty period, then you don’t have to pay any bucks or else you have to pay some bucks according to the hardware of your laptop.

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