Fix: Forza Horizon 4 PC controller Not Working

Forza Horizon 4 is a racing-based video game quite famous amongst the generation these days. The improved version of the game is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and Windows 10 Computer.

However, lately, the existing Forza Horizon 4 users have been reportedly complained the PC controller is not working. Now there could be several reasons behind this, but the scenario is still quite frustrating for gaming enthusiasts. Though to resolve the situation, we have here compiled a list of 4 quick and easy fixes which you can try on. Have a look:

How to Fix the “Forza Horizon 4 PC controller Not Working” issue?

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FIX 1: Check Hide DS4 controller option:

The first easy and quick workaround that will help you get over the “Forza Horizon 4 PC controller Not Working” issue is checking the Hide DS4 controller option. For doing so, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, download and install DS4 Windows.
  • Now launch the application and navigate to the Settings tab from the vertical menu.
  • Here, tick the checkbox before the option Hide DS4 controller.

Note: For making sure that this fix works, you might also require to enable the Hide DS4 controller option while you’re in the game.

You can now check and confirm if the said issue got resolved or not. If not, then follow the fix next in the list.

FIX 2: Disable Nvidia Overlay:

As per a few suffered users, closing other application temporarily have helped them resolve the “Forza Horizon 4 PC controller Not Working” issue. These applications could be Steam, UPlay, Microsoft Store, or others; however, the one we recommend you to disable at first is the NVIDIA overlay. For doing so, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, open Nvidia GeForce Experience and then sign in to your account.
  • Now launch the Settings window by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Further, locate the In-game Overlay feature and disable it (you would require to toggle off the button for disabling).
  • Once done, check whether the “Forza Horizon 4 PC controller Not Working” issue got resolved or not.

FIX 3: Check the settings:

If the above two fixes do not work in your case, then we recommend you check certain settings. Follow the steps given below and check the similarities.

  • Firstly, launch Steam and navigate to its Settings menu.
  • Now click on Controller and then click over the General controller settings tab.
  • Further, select the option Check gaming controller and then click OK to save the changes.
  • Now re-run the relevant program and check whether it helps or not.

FIX 4: Use specialized software:

At times the “Forza Horizon 4 PC controller Not Working” issue can be a result of an outdated and broken driver; thus, the best resolve is to update them using specialized software. There are several such software available online, and you can use any of the trusted ones amongst them.

In this article, we have tried to compile the best fixes and information that will possibly help you get rid of the “Forza Horizon 4 PC controller Not Working” issue in no time.

If you are also Forza Horizon 4 enthusiast and undergoing a similar issue then make sure you try and check that which of the fixes mentioned above helps you. After reading the article, if you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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