All Common Google Hangouts Problems and How to Fix them

Long before messaging apps and their web clients came into existence, Google Hangouts has been the most sought application. This app enables video calling for conferencing, personal use, meetings, etc. Due to the Corona pandemic, offices have been replaced with work from home. Now, this means the majority of team meetings and conferences has to take place online.

Speaking of which, people mostly use Google hangouts for their official meetups. However, technical snags keep occurring and the same happens with Hangouts as well. No one would want to miss out on their team meeting or have some interruption while doing a conference call with the boss. In this guide, we will troubleshoot some Common Google Hangouts Problems.

Google Hangouts Problems

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Common Google Hangouts Problems

First, let us see what issues normally a user faces while using the Google Hangouts. Then we will head on to the solution part.

  • The message popup saying Camera is Starting. The screen gets stuck forever. It may happen due to not updating the video drivers to the latest build. Also, the browser may be outdated. We can also attribute this problem with the graphics card that may require a fresh update.
  • Green Screen causes no visual contact between the contacts however, audio communication remains uninterrupted, loud and clear.
  • Not clearing the Cache of the app whether on the PC or the smartphone, may lead to the accumulation of temporary files that will clutter the storage. So, due to the unavailability of sufficient memory,  the hangout application may not work.
  • Audio not audible is another common issue that people face. This may happen due to an outdated browser version or wrong microphone/audio settings of the PC.
  • People missing out on important message notification due to inaudible notification sound.
  • Intrusion amidst an important video conferencing session caused due to bad internet connection.

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Solving Google Hangouts Problems

Now that we are aware of the problem part, it’s time we get down to the solutions as well. Let’s check out the solution for all the above-mentioned issues of Hangouts in no particular order.

Adjusting Video concerning a bad Internet Connection

If there is not sufficient internet then the video will have no clarity when you make a conference call. The fix is simple. You have to set the video quality to 360p. There are two standards. The high quality with 720p and the lower one at 360p.

  • Create your video call
  • Click on the gear button Settings
  • The under Bandwidth set the video quality to 360p.

Now, even the internet speed is less the video will keep streaming, though not of the highest quality. However, it will get the job done. Let me assure that there will be no issue with the audio though.

Tweaking the Notification Sound

To fix this problem, try to re-install the Google Hangouts Chrome extension. This workaround is mostly for the PC.

If you use the app, then you need to switch from the default notification sound. Basically, you have to access the sound settings of the Messages.

  • Open Hangouts > tao on the hamburger button > Tap on Settings
  • Tap on the primary account name that you use for hangouts
  • In the next screen, under Notifications, click on Messages
    Chnage Message Notifications to fix Google Hangouts Problems
  • tap on Advanced
  • Now tap on Sound and select any sound of your choice other than the default available sound.

Troubleshooting the Buggy Camera

Here are the solutions that will work just fine to fix the camera is starting issue.

  • Enable High-Performance GPU in your Nvidia Graphics card under the 3D Settings selecting Chrome.
  • Go to Device Manager > Install latest Driver updates on the stock Video drivers
  • Try to use Google Hangouts extension on a different browser.

How to Deal the Audio Problem

First, check your microphone and audio output connection. Go to Control panel > Under Hardware & Sounds, check whether the audio device is connected or not. Try to set it to default.

The headphone cable may be faulty. Try with some alternate headphone set. See, if now the audio is clear.

The audio issue may happen if the browser is outdated. So, check for any available software update in the browser. Normally, Chrome installs its latest builds automatically.

Fix Up the Green Screen

To troubleshoot this common Hanouts problem, you need to disable the Hardware acceleration feature in the Chrome browser.

  • Launch Chrome browser
  • Go to Settings via the vertical 3-dot button
  • Scroll to Advanced
  • On the left panel click on System
    Disable Hardware Acceleration to fix Google Hangouts Problems
  • Under the System, there is an option Use hardware acceleration where available. 
  • Tap on the toggle to grey it out means disable it.

Clear the Cache

Let’s see how to clear the cache on the Chrome browser.

  • Open the browser
  • Click on the vertical 3-dot button
  • Scroll down to More Tools > click Clear Browsing Data
    Clear Browsing data of chrome
  • Then select the time range up to which you wish to clear the browsing data.
  • Make sure to click on the checkboxes.
    Browser cache Clear
  • Click Clear Data.
  • Close the browser and launch it back again.

So, that’s it, guys. This was all about fixing the commonly occurring Google Hangouts problem. If you are facing any of the above issues, now you know how to deal with it. So, go through the guide thoroughly and make good use of it.


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  1. strange glitch happening with Hangouts chat right now you click on conversation options and people’s gmails are not showing up on there another problem with Hangouts chat is people’s active status all the sudden have disappeared you can no longer see them anymore.

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