Top 10 Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts To Use

Currently, the worldwide pandemic situation forced various countries to go on long lockdown. However, the offices, meetings, lectures, conferences are still taking place. Of course by the means of video-conferencing applications. Talking of which brings us to this cool video conferencing application called Zoom. In this guide, we will tell about some of the top zoom keyboard shortcuts.

List of Important Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are always my favorite thing. I don’t like pointing and clicking with the trackpad. Keyboard shortcuts always do the trick and in a split second. I’m sure many of you prefer using keyboard shortcuts. So, make sure you don’t skip this guide.

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Top Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts To Use

For this guide, we have put up the useful keyboard shortcuts present in the video conferencing app on the basis of operating systems. This includes Windows OS, macOS, and Linux. So, depending upon whatever OS you use, the keyboard shortcuts will come in handy for you.

Windows OS

  Keyboard Shortcut Command   Action
Alt + V Start/Stop Video
Alt + A Mute/Unmute Video
Alt + M Mute All Audio except Host
Alt + S Launch/Stop Share Screen Window
Alt + Shift +S Start/Stop New Screen Share
Alt + T Pause/Resume Screen Share
Alt + R  Start/Stop Local Recording
Alt + C Start/Stop Cloud Recording
Alt + P Pause/Resume Recording
Alt + N Switch Camera
Alt + Shift +T  Take screenshot
Alt + Y Raise/lower hand
Alt + W  close Active Chat Session
Alt + T  Chat
Ctrl + Up Arrow  Previous Chat
Ctrl+ Down Arrow Next Chat
 Page Up View 25 previous video streams
 Page Down View the next 25 video streams
 F6 Navigate through pop-up windows
 Ctrl +F Search
 Ctrl+Alt+Shift Meeting Controls
 Ctrl+Tab Move to the next tab
 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H Show/Hide Floating Meeting controls
 Ctrl+Shift+Tab Move to the previous tab
 Alt+F Enter/Exit Full Screen
 Alt+F1 Switch to active speaker view
 Alt+F2 Gallery Video view
Close the Window
 Alt+H Hide/Display the Chat Panel
 Alt+U Hide/Display Participant’s panel
Invite Window
Alt+L Enable Landscape view

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  Keyboard Shortcut Command   Action
Alt + V Start/Stop Video
Alt + A Mute/Unmute Video
Alt + M Mute All Audio except Host
Alt + S Launch/Stop Share Screen Window
Alt + T Start/Stop Screen Share
Alt + N  Camera switch
Alt + R  Begin/Stop Local Recording
Alt + C Start & Stop Cloud Recording
Alt + P Pause or Resume Recording
Alt + Shift +T  Take screenshot
 Alt+U Display Participant’s panel
Access Invite Window
Ctrl+Tab Switch between tabs
Esc Enter/exit full-screen mode
Ctrl+W Close Chat Session
Alt+Y Raise Lower hand
Alt+Shift+R Start the remote control
Alt+Shift+G Revoke Remote Control

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS

 Shortcut Keys  Action
Command+ J Join the meeting
Command+Control+V Begin the meeting
Command+J Meeting Scheduling
Command+Control+S Screen Share
Command+W Prompt for ending the current session
Command+Shift+A Muting and Unmuting Audio for all
Command+Control+M Mute Audio(not for the host)
Control+Control+U Unmute Audio(not for the host)
 Space Push to talk
Command+Shift+V Start/Stop Video
Command+Shift+N Switch Camera
Command+Shift+T Pause Screen Share/Resume screen share
Command+Shift+S Start screen share/stop screen share
Ctrl+Shift+R Getting the Remote Control
Ctrl+Shift+G Stopping the Remote Control
Option +Y Raise your hand
Command+K Chat with someone
Command+Shift+P Pause/Resume recording
Command+Shift+R Local Recording
Command+Shift+C Cloud Recording
Command+T  Screenshot
Command+Shift+H Meeting Chat Panel enable or Disable
Command+Shift+F Enable/Disable fullscreen
Command+Shift+M Minimal Window
Command+I Invite Windows
Command+W Close the active windows
Command+L Enable landscape view
Command+U Display/Hide participants panel
enable active speaker in the Gallery
Ctrl+T Switching between tabs
Ctrl + Option + Command + H
Hide or Show Meeting Controls
Control+P View Previous participants in the conference
Control+N View Next participants in the conference

So, that’s it, guys. This was the complete list of Zoom keyboard shortcuts that you can use to your advantage while participating in any conference. We hope that the post was useful to you.

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