Fix: GoPro 10 / 11 Won’t Turn On

Some GoPro Hero users have reported having trouble turning on their devices. It’s a shame for anyone who enjoys capturing 4K videos on the go, and suddenly, the device stops working entirely. GoPro devices are a must for vloggers, and the device not turning on ultimately can be frustrating for many.

This issue is not reported by every GoPro Hero 10/11 user, though. There have only been a handful of reports about this issue. If you are one of these troubled users, this article will help you out. Here, we have listed all the solutions you can try to resolve this problem. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

GoPro 11

How to fix GoPro 10 / 11 Won’t Turn On?

The device not turning on entirely is primarily a power issue. But in some cases, it might be a software issue as well. In our article, we will cover every aspect of it, though. So try out all the solutions mentioned here and see which works for you.

Check the battery:

There is a possibility that the battery inside your GoPro is damaged due to some reason. It might be an issue with you alone that you might have received a faulty battery from manufacturing. In that case, your camera will struggle to turn on as well. So get a friend’s GoPro camera and try using your device’s battery with that device. If your friend’s camera also does not turn on, you can be confident that the problem is valid with the camera. You can then get a replacement battery, which will solve your problem.

Try the other solutions below if a faulty battery is not your issue.

Clean the connection points:

In some rare cases, the problem is sometimes with the connection points of your battery. These are the points that connect your physical battery to your GoPro device. In some situations, these points may get dirt on them, resulting in the battery not providing power to your device. So open up your device and clean up these connection points.

If cleaning the connection points does not solve your problem, try the next solution.

Check if the battery is charged:

There is a possibility that the charger you are using to charge up your GoPro 10/11 is faulty, and your battery is completely drained when you are trying to turn on your device. It would be best if you tried using other charging adapters and cables to set your camera in such a situation. If it turns on, you have figured out your problem. It is the charging adapter and cable. To resolve this, you need to purchase a new adapter, which will do the trick.

If charging is not an issue, move on to the following solution.

Inspect the power button:

You will press the power button to turn on the GoPro Hero 10/11 device. But what would you do if the button itself is damaged and malfunctioning? Yes, there is a possibility that the power button could be damaged as well. In such a scenario, connect your device to a PC and check whether your GoPro 10/11 turns on after that. If it turns on, then there is a problem. To fix this, you need to take your device to the nearest repair centre.

Try the next solution if this does not sit right with your problem.

Did you update?

If this issue suddenly appeared after you updated your GoPro 10/11 device, the problem could also be with the software. To fix this, try the following steps.

  • Visit GoPro’s official website.
  • Download the product update for your GoPro 10/11 device.
  • Copy the updated files you just downloaded to your GoPro’s SD card.
  • Insert the SD card into your device.
  • Connect the device to the power cable and press the shutter button.
  • The device should turn on and start performing an update automatically.
  • Wait until the update is complete, and your issue should be resolved.

If even this does not solve your problem, try the next solution.

Contact customer support:

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, this is the only option you have on your hands. You need to take your device to the nearest service centre and let them figure out the issue on your device. No matter the problem, they should be able to fix it for you.

So these are all the solutions to fix GoPro 10/11 won’t turn on. If you have any questions or queries about this article, comment below, and we will get back to you. Also, check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more helpful information.

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