Methods to fix Micromax Canvas Battery draining too Quickly

Bought a Micromax Canvas device and facing issue with the battery? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Micromax Canvas Battery draining Problems.

Micromax is one of the largest Indian mobile manufacturers. They play a major role in the budget segment. Micromax is bagging a good number of smartphones along with a handful of feature phone handsets. Micromax Canvas is one of its leading flagship smartphones. The company continually updates the Canvas line-up with smartphones having latest software and technology.

Whatever is the technology, if your mobile is not having a good battery backup, then it’s totally a cynical situation. Battery draining is a common issue on all the android phones and so is the case of Micromax Canvas. This article is for those who want to fix Micromax Canvas Battery draining Quickly issue.

Methods to fix Micromax Canvas Battery draining too Quickly.

Methods to fix Micromax Canvas Battery draining too Quickly.

So if you are facing the issue of battery draining quickly in your Micromax Canvas, this methods can be helpful for you to fix it.

1. Reduce the Screen Brightness

Some among us have a habit of keeping the screen brightness to high. The battery will be drained so fast when you set your screen brightness in high mode. So try to use your Micromax Canvas in a low screen brightness which can save your battery life. You can keep the screen brightness at a level that is not too high and is comfortable for your eyes.

2. Clear the RAM.

We all are unaware of the battery usage by the apps that run in the battery. Almost all of us are interested to carry out a lot of functions in the device simultaneously. We don’t really close the app after usage and that will lead to the draining of battery. So we should always clear the RAM and close the recently used app on the phone which can increase the battery life.

3. Check the recently downloaded apps and other power hungry apps.

If you have downloaded an app that is actually bad for the software can lead to a quick battery drain. Before going to blame the battery in the quick draining issue, you should check the new apps installed and an uninstallation of the same should be done with immediate effect. To check the bad app you can use your phone in safe mode where all the apps except the factory installed one will be disabled. Once your battery is not showing a fast battery draining issue then you can confirm that the culprit is actually the installed apps. So consider uninstalling them.

Also, you should find out which apps are power hungry from the battery section. Go to Settings >> Battery. So apps that consume a lot of power is displayed there and you should think on the necessity of such power-hungry apps. There are a number of apps from PlayStore to understand the device’s battery usage.

4. Disable the data connection when not in use.

To connect to the data through mobile connections, Wi-Fi, hotspot or even Bluetooth will consume a hell lot of power. If you want to increase the battery life of your phone, turn off the data connection via mobile connections, Wi-Fi or hotspot soon after the use. We are mostly unaware of turning off the data connection after accessing to internet. So turn off the data service after use.

5. Disable the location services.

All of us have a habit of exploring new areas with the help of GPS services. It is, of course, a very helpful service on every Android device including Micromax Canvas. But to access the GPS service lot of power has to be used by the device. So once you finished using the GPS, you should definitely turn off the GPS service to save your data.

6. Disable other services when not in use.

You should consider turning off the Android services after use in your mobile. Services like Google services, Android system services, screen timeout service etc. You can clear the cached data from the Google Play service in the application menu of settings. This should be done followed by a refresh once in every month. This will solve the Android services consuming too much power from the battery. To solve the Android services consuming too much power can be solved either by downgrading the device to an older version of Android or by doing a factory reset to the device.

7. Switch off auto brightness and shorten the screen timeout.

To set the screen brightness in an auto mode according to the comfortable viewing settings for each individual is actually sophisticating. It’s highly confusing that how could a smartphone sensor understand the eyesight strength and adjust the screen brightness accordingly. It’s a high battery consuming feature too.

So it’s always recommended to manually set the Screen Brightness at a comfortable level. Also, shorten the screen timeout setting to the shortest possible value. This will definitely help to reserve your battery life.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Micromax Canvas battery draining too quickly problem. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact on our page.

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