How to Fix OnePlus 6T Sound Problems [Troubleshooting]

Here we will guide on how to fix the common issue about the OnePlus 6T Sound Problems. Follow this guide to fix the problem related to sound like low volume, no ringtones play on incoming calls, speaker sound issues, and more.

OnePlus 6T is one of the most hyped devices of the year because of its promising specifications and mid-range price tag. However, the device isn’t doing much great when it comes to software. The latest version of Oxygen OS on the OnePlus 6T and the previous version was having major sound issues. Even OnePlus also admitted to one of these issues and promised to fix them in the next OTA update. These issues are reported by users in the OnePlus forum:

  • No sound coming when receiving/placing a call
  • Media sound coming from earpiece (barely hearable)
  • Speaker sound is cacking
  • Speaker not working while Playing media or games
  • Not able to hear the OnePlus ringtone

As you can see, there are many issues with the new OnePlus 6T. But today, in this blog post, we will help you to fix all these sound issues in the OnePlus 6T.

How to Fix OnePlus 6T Sound Problems [Troubleshooting]

How to Fix OnePlus 6T Sound Problems [Troubleshooting]

OnePlus 6T is a great device for power users but it is not perfect. After few months of the launch of OnePlus 6T, many users are complaining about several issues they are facing. OnePlus has acknowledged these issues and promised to fix these sound issues in OnePlus 6T in the next OTA update.

Luckily, you can easily fix sound issues in the OnePlus 6T device. You don’t need any technical expertise and it won’t void the warranty as well. Down below, we are giving every possible solution to these sound problems.


Problem 1: No sound coming when receiving/placing a call

Many users have reported an issue where they are not able to hear anything from the receiver end while placing or receiving the call. The earpiece speaker stops working during a call. To hear the voice of the person, users have to manually switch to speaker mode to take a call.

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The good news is that this bug can be fixed easily by a simple device reboot. Steps to reboot OnePlus 6T:

  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds
  • Press on the “reboot” option in the shutdown menu
  • Wait for few minutes until the device reboots
  • Check whether this reboot has fixed the issue

If the above method doesn’t fix the problem, then you can wipe data and cache from your device. Detailed instructions for wiping data and cache on OnePlus 6T is at the end of this article.


Problem 2: Media sound coming from earpiece (barely hearable)

While playing any media clip or playing games, users have reported that the device speaker doesn’t work. Instead, the earpiece speaker turns on and the sound from that earpiece is barely audible for media consumption. Turns out that there is no official fix for this issues. However, users from the OnePlus forum have suggested that this issue can be fixed with a simple device reset.

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The instructions for Device reset are as follows:

  • Go to the Settings app by pressing the settings button
  • Navigate to Settings > Backup & Reset
  • Tap on factory data reset
  • Click on Reset Phone and confirm your action

Problem 3: Speaker sound is cacking

If the sound coming from your OnePlus 6T sounds cracks and muffed up then this might be a hardware issue. If you are having an issue then we recommend you to visit the nearest OnePlus service center if the device is still in warranty period.

Problem 4: Speaker not working while Playing media or games

Many users have reported that they are not able to hear sound while playing the game or accessing media files such as music videos. There are a few possible solutions to fix this issue:

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Check if the speaker grill is blocked from lamination sheet/degree

Many time, during lamination or placing a hard care, the speaker grill gets hidden behind the case. In this scenario, you will not be able to hear the speaker voice. So make sure the speaker cutout is proper n your device’s case.

You are blocking the speaker grill

Many time, we block the speaker grill without even realizing it. This results in speaker voice being so slow which is barely audible to the user. So make sure you’re not placing your thumb or fingers on speaker grill while media consumption.

There is a slider on the top right side(when the phone’s display is facing to you)

OnePlus has a ring slider similar to Iphone’s. This slider helps a user to quickly switch between silent, vibrate and ring mode. So make sure that you are not keeping this slider in vibrate or silent mode. Because this will cause the speaker to remain silent.

Going to the OnePlus care center

Many times, this issue arises because of the speaker fault. If your device is in warranty period, the do check with the service center again. Because in the case of a faulty speaker, the customer care executive will change the speaker component for you.

Problem 5: Not able to hear the OnePlus ringtone

Many users have reported that they are not able to hear a ringtone when someone calls them. If you’re facing the same issue, then there are three possible causes for this situation:

  • Your ringtone is set to “None” in ringtone settings
  • Your ringtone volume is set to “Null” in volume settings
  • Your device’s speaker is malfunctioning, so better visit a nearest OnePlus service center to solve the issue.

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So if you’re facing the ringtone issue, then we recommend you to double-check whether your ringtone volume settings are set to full. Also, make sure to change your ringtone from volume settings.

I have tried everything, still, there is a sound issue?

Well, I’m sorry to hear so, but don’t worry! We still have one final solution/fix the OnePlus 6T sound problems. You can easily fix sound issues by clearing data and cache from your device using the built-in recovery system. To do so follow the steps below:

Note: Please make sure to follow all the steps carefully. Wiping cache and data from recovery is a bit technical and complicated if you haven’t done this before. We take no liability or responsibility if you break/malfunction your device in the process.

  1. Turn your OnePlus 6T off by pressing the power button and selecting shut down
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons at the same time until the Android logo shows up and the phone vibrates
  3. Use the volume buttons to scroll down to highlight Wipe Cache Partition
  4. Use the power button to select wipe cache partition
  5. Scroll to reboot the system and press the power button
  6. Wait for your device to reboot


OnePlus 6T is one of the best devices you can buy in the market. However, it is not perfect. We hope that all the OnePlus 6T sound issues which you been facing are fixed. If they aren’t, then we suggest you visit the nearest OnePlus care center to get a clear picture of what’s happening.


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