Fix: OnePlus Watch Not Turning On

OnePlus marketed its OnePlus Watch as one of the best and no doubt it is a better option than tens of other smartwatches out there. It broke away from Google’s WearOS and uses its proprietary OS action-packed with a tonne of features and more. However, what would you do if the OnePlus Watch stops turning on? Turns out this is something a lot of users are reporting on their OnePlus Watch although it is assumed that this isn’t a widespread issue since only a subset of users is facing it. In case you are struggling with this issue, here’s how you can fix it (or at least try).

Reason Why OnePlus Watch Not Turning On?

One common reason a OnePlus Watch won’t turn on is simply that the battery is dead. Connect the Watch to its charger, and if that doesn’t work, make sure you try a different charging cable and charger to see if your charger is faulty. Still not working, then try the below methods.

Methods to Fix OnePlus Watch Won’t Turn On Issue

You can follow all the methods given here to troubleshoot the OnePlus Watch not turning on issue.

#1: Try a forced reboot

Your OnePlus Watch doesn’t turn on. What to do? Did you try to force reboot the smartwatch for a change? Here’s how you can do it.

  • First up, long-press the upper function key for a few seconds.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Press the upper function button to turn on the watch.
  • Verify if performing a forced reboot made any change or not.

Fix: OnePlus Watch Not Turning On

#2: Verify the charging apparatus

This is a step-by-step procedure that will take you from A to D to verify issues with the charging process.

A. Make sure you are using the right charging dock

The first is the charging dock. Are you using the original charging dock provided by OnePlus? If not, note that using a third-party or other OEM’s charger can damage your watch or any other device and the OnePlus Watch is not different. If you are using the original charger, the next thing to keep in mind is to verify if it has no cuts or the cable isn’t damaged anywhere.

B. Verify adapter is working fine

Next up, look out for the charging adapter which is connected to the wireless charging dock. Verify if you are using the original one. If yes, the next thing to look out for is to verify there’s no liquid or physical damage preventing the OnePlus Watch from charging.

C. Charge your OnePlus Watch

The next thing you do is to charge the Watch. Interference can cause the charging speed to be affected so ensure you don’t have any metal in contact with the smartwatch and the charger. Take 10 to 15 minutes to charge the Watch’s battery without touching anything.

D. Try to turn it ON

After charging for a while, it’s time to check if the OnePlus Watch turns on or not. Press the Home/Power key for a few seconds and allow the Watch to turn on. Note that as you proceed with these steps A to D, you are actually verifying what charging apparatus is a problem i.e. either wireless charging dock, the cable, the adapter, or the watch itself. Can’t find a fix just yet and the OnePlus Watch not turning on issue still lives at large, here’s what you can do next.

Perform a factory reset

As you are working your way towards determining if it’s a hardware or software issue, this method should help determine if it is either or not a software issue. Pulling off a factory reset deletes all the data including apps and user data. You can use your smartphone to factory reset the OnePlus Watch since the latter is not turning on.

  • To perform a factory reset, you need to go to Settings on your smartphone linked with the OnePlus Watch.
  • Find it under “Paired Devices” and tap the gear icon to “Forget” it.
  • Next up, go to Settings >> Apps >> OnePlus Health app and uninstall it.
  • Wait for a few minutes and reinstall the app.
  • This should force the smartwatch to turn on.
  • If not, it is likely a hardware issue that you must have verified using the methods mentioned above.

The battery is damaged/failed

There’s a great chance that you have actually damaged the battery either or it has already run its course and now you will have to retire it. Changing a battery won’t be an issue since you can walk into a service center and get it replaced. It is much cheaper than a damaged display so yeah, you must get it done.

Bring it to a service center

If you just can’t get the OnePlus Watch not turning on, it’s time that you should take your watch to a service center (OnePlus certified service center, I say). You can locate it on Google or OnePlus’ website where you can take your smartwatch, report the problem and seek a fix. It could be a hardware or software issue where the former is expensive unless covered by the warranty on the device.

Closing Words

And with that, I have packed with the post on how to fix OnePlus Watch not turning on issue using the said methods.


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