How to Fix Android 8.0 Oreo Battery Drain Problem

Android 8.0 or Oreo is the latest OS upgrade by the Google with some extraordinarily cool features and supports, Oreo is one of the most discussed topics in the field of information technology as Google is working really hard to provide their users a flawlessly awesome experience. Android Oreo is recently released for the Android devices and smartphones and like its predecessors, Android 8.0 is also in great demand. Though there are some bugs and faults in the operating system. Battery drainage was always the biggest issue since the launch of smartphones but lately, we have seen that continuous efforts of Google in providing the latest updates had made this problem slightly moved to one step closer with every new update. Android Oreo is the latest and best OS but it also has battery issue and in this piece of writing you will be told how to Solve Android Oreo Battery Drain Problem there can be many optimizations that can be made to Fix Android 8.0 Oreo Battery Drain Problem

Android 8.0 Oreo Battery Drain Problem

Follow the following steps to Fix Android 8.0 Oreo Battery Drain Problem:

  • Close all the unnecessary radios that are running under the hood as these devices eats up the battery and the battery drain problem occurs, these are considered to be used only when required
  • Switch off the Wi-Fi when not in use or check if you left it on since last time you used it.
  • Turn off the location services as you do not need them every time
  • Bluetooth is a service that we use very rarely so turn it off.
  • Turn-off the data services when not in use, also download large files at nights as during the day times there are already many things to do on the phone and no one wants their phone to die out of energy in the middle of the day.
  • You can also Fix Android 8.0 Oreo Battery Drain Problem by optimizing the Brightness level. The brightness of the device should be kept at minimal levels or in some devices you can set it to auto as the more the brightness would be the more it will use the battery and hence drain the battery.
  • Remove all the applications that you do not need from the recants, battery drain problems are mainly caused by the following issues related to application management mentioned below.
  • Large apps require more processor work and memory and hence drain the battery rapidly.
  • Uninstall those applications that you do not need anymore.
  • Keep freeing up the memory from the RAM by clearing up the apps not required from the recent apps.
  • Also, you can turn on power saver mode from the settings to overcome battery drain problems.
  • Keep the operating System up to date, usually, updates come with many bug fixes.
  • Still facing the issue, you can contact the service center it might be the battery that’s faulty not the device or Android O. Service centers specialized for your device will easily solve the problem and the agents there will suggest you if your device requires changing the battery.

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  1. Google allows you to perform multiple tasks with the new picture-in-picture mode in Android Oreo that is also one cause of battery drain.

  2. I agree that all the of the items mentioned can indeed minimize battery drain. However here is the problem I have a Pixel that easily gave me 24 hours of life at my normal usage pattern. I accepted the Oreo load in the evening let it load while on a charger at night . In the morning without adding anything without changing a setting and with no change in my usage pattern I am now lucky to get 8 to 10 hours and often am forced to use the battery saver to get that. I have waited several days to see if this might improve, didn’t happen

  3. Alright the problem appears to have been es task manager which does not seem to run on Oreo. It was hanging in a condition that was burning the battery. I deleted it and reinstalled with the same result. For now I have removed it completely. I hope this is resolved at some point by the OS or ES.

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