How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E not charging issue

Charging their smartphone is now a part of the routine for every modern person. Actually, it is one of the basic demands of a smartphone that every user has to fulfill. The fact couldn’t be denied that the better battery backup is one of the demanded features in every phone by the present day users. The manufacturers are putting a lot of efforts to make their phones capable to provide the maximum battery backup once charged. However, a lot of things can go wrong with the charging. This post is to help you on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E not charging issue

Some important things should be kept in mind before you proceed with this guide on fix Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E not charging issue. Carefully understand the method or the instruction you are recommended to follow in the below section. Applying any method without understanding it can cause another problem in your phone. Therefore, pay attention to the methods carefully. These methods will help you to fix this problem if it is related with the software domain. Check out the required information below.

fix Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E not charging issue

Methods to fix Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E not charging issue

When it comes to finding the exact cause of a charging issue, you need to keep this thing in your mind that finding the cause to the problem may not always be easy for you. However, this post helps you a lot in this matter as well. Here are some of the solutions you can go ahead with.

Perform a forced reboot

This is one of the very basic steps that can be taken to eliminate this problem. Performing a forced reboot to your phone simply terminate those minor bugs which are responsible for this problem. A forced restart is actually a step beyond a simple reboot. You can go ahead with the help of following methods for this.

  • Restart the phone and hold the power and volume down button until you see the device power has begun. Wait until the boot mode option appears on the screen
  • Select the normal boot from the same. The volume button will help you to navigate below and the power button is the one you can press to start the processes when you take the highlighter on this option. It may take approximately 2 minutes to complete this process. So just wait

Check the charger and accessories

In case the above method wouldn’t help you, this is the next one you can go ahead with. First check if your phone charger is in proper working condition. Try charging another device through it to know whether it’s in a working state or not. Pay attention to the charging cable as well. The same might also be faulty. Once assured they are working, check if the charging port on your phone is in working condition. Keep this thing in your mind that the problem might be there just because the cable is not connected properly with the phone. If a power bank is used for charging your phone, the same should also be checked properly

Try charging in the safe mode

A bad application or a corrupted one might have caused this problem. Simply check and make sure the same is not an issue. You need to turn the phone in the safe mode for this. This can be done by pressing the power button and the volume down button together after until the android logo appears on the screen. From the available options, simply select the safe mode and wait for a minute. You will see the safe mode symbol on the below right of the screen. If the phone is charging properly in this mode, the cause was related with any of the application installed in the phone. Here are the steps to know which application is causing the problem

  • Simply boot to the safe mode
  • Search for the errors
  • Once you find the same, know with which application they are related with. Simply uninstall the concerned application. In most of the cases, the recently installed applications are the trouble creators
  • Restart the phone after removing the app
  • The problem will probably be gone

Moisture error in the phone

Smartphones are generally designed to operate within some specific limits of temperature, moisture and other factors. Any change in them can sometimes have an impact on the smartphone directly. Moisture is one of the major trouble creators in many cases when the devices refuse to charge normally. Make sure your device doesn’t come in the contact of water recently. The same can be the reason to this problem.

Although you will get a message on your screen about the moisture detection if this happens, it’s still good to not to wait for the same when you already know your phone was in direct contact with water recently. Simply drain the phone battery completely and left it unused for around 2 hours to let the temperature absorb the water inside.

One of the common methods to remove the moisture from the phone is simply turning it OFF and placing it a box full of uncooked rice for at least 36 hours. Uncooked rice are good water absorbers and can help you a lot in this matter. This is one of the best available methods to fix Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E not charging issue.

Perform a factory restart

Before you go ahead with this method, simply save all the data you stored in the phone. Also, keep this thing in your mind that all the latest updates for the apps and OS will be gone. The phone will go in its default settings after this method is taken into your consideration. However, one of the key advantages of this method is the problem will be solved for sure. Here are the steps to help you perform a hard reset on your device.

  • Simply turn the device OFF and press the Bixby and volume key together. When the screen turns ON, press the power button and hold
  • When the Android logo appears, release all the keys
  • You may get a message on the screen that says “installing system update”. Don’t press anything during that time
  • Wait until the Android system recovery menu appears
  • Using the volume down button, goes down and find the option factory reset
  • Select it with the help of power button
  • A confirmation window get open on the screen asking for the permission and reminding you that all the data of the phone will be gone
  • Press yes and wait till the master reset completes

Check if the wireless charging mode works

If you find your phone is getting charged through the wireless mode, the problem is largely expected to be in the software domain. Simply check if performing a software reset or updating your phone helps you to fix this problem in such a case

Visit the authorized repair shop

In case any other methods don’t work in bringing the expected outcome, you need to take your device to an authorized repair center to get your device checked properly. You can locate a nearby service center online with the help of Samsung official website.

Well, this is all that you should know about how to fix  Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E not charging issue. Keep visiting our website for more similar posts.

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