How to Fix If Samsung Themes Not Working on your Galaxy device

Anyone who is using an Android device must have dabbled with themeing at any point in their life. We all do it. Changing themes and exploring the aesthetics of our OS. The concept of themes got more popularity when Samsung Galaxy devices introduced dedicated themes app for the users. However, some users have a problem with using Samsung themes. The themes won’t load sometimes or crash altogether. In this guide, I will mention some fix for this issue.

There can be multiple reasons for the Samsung theme apps not working as intended. It can be an error within the app or some bug caused due to a buggy system update. I have put up some simple workarounds that should necessarily fix the problem and you can apply any theme you like.

Samsung Themes

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How to Fix If Samsung Themes Not Working on your Galaxy device

So, let’s check out the various troubleshooting methods.

Is your Device Running the Latest Software

Like I mentioned earlier, the Samsung themes of your choice may not work if there is some bug with the system update. If Samsung knows about this it will drop a fresh and bug-free software that the users need to install. So, you need to check whether you have installed it or still running old software.

  • Go to Software Updates under Settings App
  • If there is any new update available then tap on Download and Install
  • After installing the software restart your smartphone
  • Now, try to apply your choice of Samsung themes and check whether that is working.

Disabling the Accessibility

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility
  • Under Visibility Enhancements > go to Show Button Shapes
  • Disable the toggle for the button shapes
  • Then restart your smartphone

Use default Theme

Switch to the default them if you are not able to use any other Samsung themes that you downloaded

  • Open Galaxy Themes App
  • Tap on the hamburger button at the top left corner
  • From the menu select My Stuff
  • Now choose Default
  • close the themes app and launch it again
  • Try to use some other theme

Log Out and Login Back to Samsung Account

Here is another effective fix for Samsung themes that won’t load. You have to sign out from your Samsung account and then sign-in back.

  • Go to Settings > Accounts and Backup
  • Go to Accounts to see the connected and active accounts on your device
  • Scroll down for your Samsung account and tap on it when you find it
  • Now, Go to Personal Info
  • On the right-hand side tap on the vertical 3-dot button
  • Select Remove Account
  • Reboot your device
  • Log in to your Samsung Account

Reset Updates of Samsung Themes App

Though it’s not possible to remove a pre-installed app like Galaxy Themes App, we can reset its updates. Doing so will take the application back to the point when we started using the device. This would kill the bug in that specific new build version if that’s what has been causing the Samsung themes to not work properly.

  • Go to Setting > Apps
  • Look for Galaxy Themes
  • Open it > tap on the 3-dot button > Select Uninstall Updates

Try to Reset App Preferences

Here is another effective fix for buggy apps. You can reset the app preferences and set the apps to their default state.

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Hit on the 3-dot button
  • From the drop-down menu, select Reset App Preferences

Make Sure the Load Content is Enabled

If this option in the Themes app is disabled, then you may not be able to use a theme of your choice on your Galaxy device.

  • Launch the Galaxy Themes app
  • Tap on the hamburger button on the top left-hand corner
  • Hit the Settings > go to Load store content 
  • Check if it’s enabled

So, that’s it. Try these troubleshooting techniques if you are not able to use Samsung themes on your Galaxy device.

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