Fix: Tinder Can’t Update Your Profile | There was an error updating your profile

Tinder has grown a lot in popularity thanks to the ease with which it allows people to meet and know each other. Unfortunately, it comes with its share of technical issues as well. Quite a few users have mentioned coming across an error when trying to update their profile. It says: “There was an error updating your profile.”

If you are one of those facing this annoying problem, do not worry. This guide will help you thoroughly with many potential solutions to help you fix this error in Tinder.

Fix: Tinder Can't Update Your Profile | There was an error updating your profile

How to fix the “Error updating your profile” issue in Tinder

Here we will discuss the most potent fixes that will surely help you fix the “error updating your profile” issue in Tinder. Moreover, it is recommended to try each fix as one or the other will surely do the trick.

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Our new tutorial video offers a step-by-step guide on how to resolve the issue of Tinder being unable to update your profile and displaying the error message “There was an error updating your profile”. By following the troubleshooting steps provided in the video, you will be able to use Tinder on your phone without any issue.

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Try Updating your Profile Picture Properly

Simply making sure that you follow the right procedure can help you fix this error in Tinder.

  • Open up the Tinder app on your mobile.
  • Choose “Settings” in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Now choose “Edit Info” at the top of the screen, right below your username and current profile image.
  • You will be taken to a window with six squares, each of them containing a little red + sign on the bottom right. Pressing this sign will allow you to upload any picture from your device.
  • Wait until you see the image displayed on Tinder. Proceed to close the window after that.

Your profile image should be updated now. If you upload more than one image, you must move the image you wish to set as your profile picture to the first square. This will allow Tinder to acknowledge and set it up as the first picture on your Tinder profile.

In case this solution does not work, continue reading below for more potential fixes.

Try to Restart your device.

This is another relatively simple solution that can help you fix the profile error in Tinder.

  • Press down on your mobile’s power button until it shows you the shutdown and restarts options.
  • Select the Restart option, and wait patiently for your mobile to carry out the concerned process.
  • Now launch the Tinder app, log in using your username and password, and carry out the above-mentioned process of updating your profile picture.

If this process does not fix the error, we can update your Tinder app in the following method.

Update the Tinder application

  • Open up the Google Play Store, bring up the menu, and select “My apps & games.”
  • Locate the Tinder app on the list that comes up and press “Update.”

On iOS, you can update Tinder by following the steps given below:

  • Open the AppStore on your device and type in “Tinder” in the search bar over there. In the list of suggestions that come up, choose the Tinder app.
  • Press the blue Update button to begin the updating process.
  • If you happen to be shown a list of required permissions, press the Accept/I Agree button.
  • Choose the Open option to launch the freshly updated version of Tinder.
  • Follow the steps in the first method above to update your Tinder profile.

In case this method fails to fix the error, read on for another possible solution.

Clear Cache and Data on your device

This has been known to work for quite a few users, so it is worth trying out.

  • Go to the Settings section on your device, and make your way to the Applications window.
  • Go through the list of installed applications until you come across the Tinder app.
  • Press the icon, and in the window that comes up, press the “Clear Cache” button, followed by the “Clear Data” button.
  • Open up the Tinder app now. Login using your credentials and update your profile image using the steps given in the first method.

If none of the above fixes help solve the Tinder profile error for you, you will have to contact Tinder customer care. Email them at, and explain your problem properly in the mail. Hopefully, they will contact you soon and help you rectify the error.

That is it for now. We hope our guide helps you successfully fix the profile error in Tinder. If you liked this guide, do remember to check out our other Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone Guides, and Android Guides to read more. If you have any queries or suggestions, comment down with your name along with the email ID, and we will reply shortly. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch awesome videos on gaming and smartphone tips and tricks. Thank you.

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