How to Fix Todoist CSRF Token Error | Invalid or Missing

Sometimes while trying to log in to your Todoist account, you come across CSRF Token Error. When this happens you are not able to login to your profile. This can happen due to two primary reasons. First, the browser you use is not able to create a secure cookie. Secondly, it is not able to access the cookie to authorize your login. Hence, you see the error message of CSRF token missing or invalid.

There can be other reasons as well such as an ad-blocking plugin or script blocker. If you are running any such extensions on your browser, then maybe you will experience this error while trying to login into your Todoist account. In this guide, I have put up some troubleshoot mechanisms that will allow you to fix the CSRF Token Error on all major web browsers.


Fix Todoist CSRF Token Error

I have put up the steps to fix the CSRF token error for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browser. Follow the guide depending upon whichever browser you use on your PC/laptop.

Firefox Browser

  • Launch Firefox browser
  • Click on the hamburger button on the right-hand side
  • Then click on Options
  • Then on the left-hand panel click on Security
  • Now click on Exceptions
  • add https:// todoist.comĀ 
  • once again add
  • Then click Save changes
  • Now, click Manage Data > search for Todoist
  • Select Remove All Shown option
  • Click on Save Changes
  • In the pop-up window click Remove
  • Once finished relaunch Firefox
  • Now log into Todoist

Chrome Browser

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Click on the 3-dot button on the right corner.
  • from the drop-down menu click on Settings
  • Then on the left-hand panel click to expand the Advanced tab
  • In the search box try to type Cookies and other site data
  • In the matching result click on the above Cookies and other site data options
    Fix CSRF Token Error on Chrome Browser
  • Under that scroll down to the option Sites that can always use cookies.
  • Click the button Add which you see beside the above option.
    Add sites that can always use cookies fix CSRF Token error
  • Then in the whitelist dialog box that shows up, type * > click Add
    whitelist Todoist site to fix CSRF token error
  • Again type * > click Add
  • Now, go to the See all cookies and site data
    See all cookies and site data fix CSRF token error
  • Check for each entry in the list that mentions Todoist.
  • For each entry that mentions Todoist click on the recycle bin icon beside them to delete them.

Fix CSRF Token Error on Safari Browser

  • Launch Safari browser
  • from the drop-down menu open Safari Preferences in the navigation bar
  • Click on Privacy > The option Cookies and website data is set to Always Allow or Allow from Websites I visit
  • Next click on Manage Website Data. This will show you the website data stored locally.
  • Search for Todoist
  • Remove all those entries that mention Todoist.
  • Close and re-launch Safari
  • Log into Todoist account

Solve Token mismatch Issue

This is another problem that some users of Todoist face. Token mismatch error may happen if you are running a privacy extension on your browser. The effective solution is to whitelist and add it as a trusted website on that particular plugin you have installed.

So, that’s all about how to fix the CSRF token error faced during accessing your Todoist account. I hope this guide will help you out.

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