How to Fix VPN Error 609 in Windows 10?

In this guide, we will be sharing the steps to fix the VPN error 609 on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. VPN or Virtual Private Network is now increasingly being used by users across the globe. Earlier what was only considered to be in the handbook of the tech enthusiasts and geeks, these VPN services have seen a spike in usage by the everyday users too. The reasons for the same could be attributed to the benefits that it provides. One of the major reasons why people use a VPN is to access sites that aren’t accessible from their regions. With the help of Virtual Private Network, you could easily access these geo-restricted contents.

However, while using these VPN services, you might encounter an issue or two. For example, there might be issues related to IP or DNA leakage, other times you won’t be able to establish a secure connection with the server. Along the same lines, you have the VPN Error 609. This is one error that is being faced by many users and in a frequent manner. If you too are having to deal with this VPN Error 609, then here is the required fix that needs to be carried out.

fix vpn error 609 windows 10

How to Fix VPN Error 609 on Windows 10

Whenever you face the VPN Error 609 on Windows 10, you will be greeted with the following error message: A device type was specified that does not exist. This VPN client signifies that it isn’t able to connect to the required port. This might be because the device type connection needed to access that port might be missing or corrupt. Therefore, until and unless the device type of your computer matches the VPN in use, you can’t use these Virtual Private Networks.

So if you wish to rectify and fix the VPN Error 609 on your Windows 10 PC, follow the below instructions. We will be discussing three different fixes for the same. In most cases, the first method usually does the job. However, if it doesn’t do so in your case, then try out the other two workarounds that follow.

Method 1: From Device Manager/Command Prompt

  1. From the Start menu, search for Device Manager. You could also right-click on the Start menu and select the said option.
  2. Click on the View tab and select Show hidden devices. This will make the Miniports option visible under Device Manager.
    show hidden devices
  3. Now expand the Network Adapter section and make sure that the WAN Miniport (PPTP) and WAN Miniport (L2TP) are present there.
    network adapter vpn error 609

You could also do the same from the Command Prompt.

  1. Launch the CMD window from the Start menu as an administrator.
  2. Now type in the below command and hit Enter:
    netcfg.exe -q < miniport name >
  3. This Miniport name depends on the protocol that your VPN uses. It should be PPTP:   MS_PPTP, L2TP:, MS_L2TP, IKEv2:, MS_AGILEVPN, SSTP: or MS_SSTP.
  4. The result you get after executing the above command will let you know whether the device type is configured properly or not.
  5. Finally, reboot your PC once. Once your PC starts, try using your VPN service, the Error 609 should have been rectified. If it’s still present, you could try out the next method given below.

Method 2: Using the Remote Access Connection Manager

Most of the dial and VPN connection on your Windows 10 PC is handled by the Remote Access Connection (RAC). it might happen that there could be some issues with this RAC and hence you are getting the VPN Error 609. To fix it, here is what needs to be done:

  1. Open the Run dialog box from the Start menu. You could also use the Windows+R shortcut key.
  2. Inside that, type in services.msc and hit Enter.
  3. Select Services (Local) from the left menu bar.
    RAC properties vpn error 609
  4. Next up, scroll until you reach the Remote Access Connection Manager option in the right-hand side menu.
  5. Right-click on it and select Properties. Then from the RAC properties dialog box, head over to the General tab. Change the Startup type from Automatic to Manual.
    RAC manual
  6. Also under the Service status section, click on Stop. Then click Apply followed by OK.

Finally, restart your PC once. This should fix the VPN Error 609. Still, got no luck? Well, then you should try the third fix mentioned below.

Method 3: Fix VPN Error 609 using Windows Diagnostic Tool

As and when you get the said error, click on the Diagnostic button and select the Repair option. The tool will then search out for the reason behind the VPN error 609 and will then suggest the appropriate fix. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and proceed ahead.


With this, we conclude the guide on the steps to fix the VPN Error 609 on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. We have shared three different workarounds for the same. Any one of the three should be able to fix it. On that note, do let us know which of them ultimately did the job for you.

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