Fix: Wyze Not Connecting to WiFi

With affordable and accessible devices such as cameras, bulbs, plugs, and more, Wyze has made a name for itself in the smart home market. Many users, however, have reported problems connecting their Wyze products to their WiFi network. In this article, we will discuss some of the common reasons why Wyze may not be connecting to WiFi, as well as some solutions to solve the issue.

Fix: Wyze Not Connecting to WiFi

What Are The Products that are not connecting to Wyze to WiFi?

Connecting to WiFi may cause connectivity issues with several products. There are a number of Wyze products that may have this issue, including:

  1. Wyze Cam – Streams live video from your smartphone to your home security camera.
  2. Wyze Bulb – Use the Wyze app to control the brightness and colour temperature of this smart bulb.
  3. Wyze Plug – Controlling appliances or other connected devices through Wyze’s app is possible.
  4. Wyze Sense – A set of motion, temperature, and contact sensors that trigger events within the Wyze app when detected.
  5. Wyze Lock – You can lock and unlock your door remotely using the Wyze app.
  6. Wyze Robot Vacuum – Controlled by the Wyze app, this smart vacuum cleans your floors for you.

Why Does The Wyze Not Connecting to WiFi?

It’s important to understand why Wyze products may not be able to connecting to WiFi before looking at potential fixes. Several reasons may prevent Wyze devices from connecting to WiFi, including:

  1. Wyze devices may not be able to connect to your WiFi network if they are too far from your router or if walls or other devices block them.
  2. Unless you have updated your Wyze device’s settings, your Wyze device may not be able to connect to your new WiFi network if you have recently changed it.
  3. Your Wyze device may not be able to connect if there are too many devices connected to your WiFi network at once. Congestion may cause the connection to slow down, preventing your Wyze device from connecting.
  4. You may have trouble connecting your Wyze device to your WiFi network if the device’s firmware or software is outdated or corrupted.

To get your Wyze device online again, let’s explore some potential solutions based on these possible causes.

How To Fix Wyze Not Connecting to WiFi

So, here are some fixes that has the potential to resolve the Wyze not connecting to WiFi error; therefore, if you are facing this make sure to perform them:

Fix 1: Check Your WiFi Signal Strength

The Wyze device may not be able to connect to your WiFi network if it is too far from the router or if there are obstructions blocking the signal. With WiFi analyzer apps such as WiFi Analyzer for Android and NetSpot for Mac, you can check your WiFi signal strength on your phone. Using these apps, you can measure the strength of your WiFi signal in decibels (dB), with a stronger signal being closer to zero.

It is possible to improve your signal strength by moving your Wyze device closer to your router or using a WiFi extender or mesh network if your signal strength is weak.

Fix 2: Double-Check Your WiFi Credentials

Wyze may not be able to connect if you haven’t updated its settings or if you recently changed your WiFi password or name. You can double-check your WiFi credentials by following these steps:

  1. You can fix the problem by opening the Wyze app and selecting the Wyze device that isn’t connected to WiFi.
  2. In the upper right corner, tap the gear icon to access the device settings.
  3. Make sure the name and password of your WiFi network are correct by selecting “WiFi Settings.”

Make sure your credentials are correct, and try connecting your Wyze device again if they aren’t.

Fix 3: Reduce Network Congestion

In a WiFi network with too many devices connected at once, congestion may slow down the connection, preventing your Wyze device from connecting. If you have other devices on your network, you may be able to reduce congestion by disconnecting them or setting up a separate network that only has Wyze devices on it.

To improve network performance, you can also reset your router or upgrade to a higher-speed plan.

Fix 4: Update Your Wyze Firmware or Software

You may not be able to connect your Wyze device to your WiFi network if the firmware or software is outdated or corrupted. You can update your Wyze software or firmware by following these steps:

  1. You need to open the Wyze app and select the Wyze device that isn’t connecting to WiFi.
  2. You can access the device settings in the upper right corner by tapping the gear icon.
  3. Check “Device Info” to see if an update is available for your device. To update the firmware or app, select “Update Firmware” or “Update App” and follow the prompts.
  4. After the update is complete, reconnect your Wyze device to your WiFi network.

Fix 5: Reset Your Wyze Device

It may be necessary to reset your Wyze device to factory settings if none of the above solutions works. Here’s how to do it:

  1. For at least 10 seconds, hold the setup button on the Wyze device until the yellow light on the device flashes.
  2. You can add products to Wyze by opening the app and selecting the “Add a Product” button.
  3. Once you have set up your Wyze device, you will need to connect it to your WiFi network again.

Fix 6: Check Your WiFi Security Settings

It may not be possible to connect your Wyze device to a WiFi network if its security settings include WEP or WPA. You should verify that the Wyze device supports the WiFi security protocol. Wyze devices that don’t support the security protocol may need to be updated to newer models that do, or changes may need to be made to your WiFi security settings.

Fix 7: Restart Your Wyze Device

It is sometimes possible to fix connectivity problems by simply restarting your Wyze device. You can restart your Wyze device by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the Wyze device is unplugged from the power source.
  2. When you are ready to plug it back in, wait a few seconds.
  3. Ensure that the Wyze device is powered on and connected to your WiFi network before continuing.
  4. Once the Wyze app has been opened, verify that the device is now connected to the WiFi network.

Fix 8: Check for Interference

Wireless connection problems may occur if other devices near your Wyze device emit radio waves or electromagnetic interference. You may want to consider moving your Wyze device away from other electronic devices, including routers, TVs, and microwaves.

Fix 9: Change Your Router’s Channel

It may be impossible for your Wyze device to connect to your WiFi network if the WiFi channel on your router is crowded. If your router has a crowded channel, you might want to change it. To determine the best WiFi channel for your network, you can use a WiFi analyzer app.

Fix 10: Check for MAC Address Filtering

It is possible that your Wyze device won’t be able to connect to your WiFi network if your WiFi network uses MAC address filtering. In the router’s settings, add the MAC address of your Wyze device to the allowed list.

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From Author’s Desk

There are times when Wyze devices have problems connecting to WiFi networks, despite their affordability and ease of use. Wyze’s camera, bulb, plug, and other devices may not connect to your WiFi if you try these solutions. You can increase WiFi signal strength, double-check your WiFi credentials, decrease network congestion, update your Wyze firmware or software, reset your Wyze device, and contact Wyze support.

However, with these solutions, you should be able to get your Wyze device back online and connected to your WiFi network in no time. So, that’s how to fix the Wyze not connecting to the WiFi issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. Moreover, in case you need more info, comment below and let us know. 

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