How To Fix Xiaomi Redmi Note Water Damaged Smartphone?

Smartphones come with high-end end specifications. But not many mid-range phones comes with waterproofing capabilities. Waterproofing is an important feature that helps you to save your phone from many dangerous situations which can possibly send your phone to garbage. Recognizing this factor some of the users select only the phones with waterproofing luxury for their phones. But others compromise in other key features to avail waterproofing. Either way, it is expensive for doing waterproofing on a smartphone.One of the simple hacks is to use is by buying and using a phone pouch or cover with waterproofing facility.

How To Fix Xiaomi Redmi Note Water Damaged Smartphone?

Xiaomi Redmi Note Water Damaged Smartphone

This might somehow affect the looks of the phone or it is harder to carry around and to fit in the pocket. Even though Xiaomi Redmi note does not have fancy waterproofing it can handle accidental spills and other slight issues. But what if the phone fell completely into the water? There are some quick fixes you can try to tackle a water damaged Xiaomi Redmi note phone.

The don’t’s!

  1. First things first, if your phone is accidentally dropped into a water container or other water sources just take it out as soon as possible and switch it off right away. Keeping the phone working can cause internal circuit shorts which can damage the phone.
  2. Don’t turn on the phone until the water inside is completely dry.
  3. Don’t press any keys which can force water further deep inside the circuitry.
  4. Don’t shake or blow the phone because this too can push the water much inside the phone which can cause more issues.
  5. Even though heat is good for drying the materials, using heat to the phone can actually destroy the circuits inside. Electronic components are heat sensitive.

The Do’s!

  1. Disassemble the phone. This doesn’t mean that you should remove every part that is attached. You should only remove what is detachable for the user safely. For example, in some phones, you can remove the battery. Remove the phone covers or pouches, SIM cards, SD cards etc.
  2. Wipe the excess water away using a tissue paper or a clean cloth. Don’t apply pressure to the device while cleaning.
  3. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the moist air out inside the smartphones. Take time and use only less pressure for the air sucking action.
  4. This is one of the most effective and creative methods. You can take a zip bag full of rice and keep the phone inside. This should take out the moisture inside the phone.
  5. The final fix you can use is to wait and wait! Waiting for at least 3 days should dry the water content inside the phone.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Xiaomi Redmi Note water damaged smartphone. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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